My Pregnancy Experience: Second Trimester Recap

28 weeks fly by like that – one minute you’re jumping up and down with excitement because you got two lines on your test, and the next, you’re battling back pain and abdominal pressure. It’s hard to believe I’m already in my third trimester and our little girl will be here before we know it! […]

February 24, 2019

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Milk Snob Luxe Nursing and Car Seat Cover Review

There are so many items in this world that make life easier, and as a new mom, comfort and convenience are going to be key when dealing with a fussy, hungry baby. Car seat and nursing covers are some of the best inventions for moms around the world, with the flexibility to be a multitude […]

January 13, 2019

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My First Trimester Recap

It’s so hard to believe how fast time is going! We decided to hold the secret to ourselves a little longer than the average pregnancy, but it was all completely worth it because we got to watch our little nugget grow and enjoy the time we had before everyone else knew. With my first trimester […]

September 24, 2018

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