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10 Style Tips I Learned Trying To Be A More Fashionable Adult

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We all strive to be the best dressed in the room, and finding the right combination of sweet, sassy and classy takes years of finesse. I’ve learned a few awesome tips and tricks from my favorite style bloggers, friends and family that I love to pass on to my fellow boss babes to own every room you walk in!


I always thought fashion meant buying the most out-there pieces off the rack, but really, I learned that having a bunch of staple items in my wardrobe not only prevented me from buying a lot of different things, but also gave my wardrobe amazing flexibility. A simple set of nude heels, a monochromatic clutch and a set of gold and silver jewelry made styling a cute dress or girl’s not out look even easier than having one of everything for each outfit.


I constantly have that “I have nothing to wear” feeling, but buying new clothes didn’t solve it. I often just needed a broader selection of staple pieces to style the more fun and funky pieces I already had. Make sure you know exactly what you have before going out and splurging on a shopping spree (even though it sounds like a blast!).


The cherry on top of a good outfit is putting some great accessories with it. A statement clutch or pair of shoes can make a plain outfit pop, while a great pair of earrings can make your face even more beautiful. Know what looks good on you and work on creating a set of accessories that serve your outfits justice. I love stocking my wardrobe with timeless pieces to match all styles and types of clothing.


I always praised my self as a “neutrals are better” kind of girl – until I realized my wardrobe was filled with black and all of my white clothes were stained. Adding color into my wardrobe opened my mind to different styles, but going too overboard can limit the flexibility of your wardrobe. Having individual pieces with bolder patterns that compliment your staple pieces should be the true focus, not on creating multi-color catastrophes.


Too many people think money equals quality and style, when really it’s about finding the pieces that shape your body well. I was never one to believe in brand labels, often shopping at Target and Walmart growing up, but finding boutique shops offering unique silhouettes and styles offered my wardrobe a more open mind to find what truly works for my body. You want to flatter your body because wearing a designer piece of clothing means nothing if you don’t look good in it.


It’s easy to copy Instagram influencers wearing mini skirts and revealing tops to show off their newest purchases, but not everybody can pull those looks off every day. Shop for what your personal style is to show your personality, not what everyone else is wearing. Many of the celebrities and influencers we follow post trends, which will eventually fade after the season ends, making the wardrobe useless. If you style to who you are, your wardrobe will be more timeless and fitting to your needs in the long-term.


The first two decades of my life were basically formulated for me to blend in – don’t wear anything that will make people stare at you or make you stand out. Now that I’m older, I want to stand out, but in a good way only obviously! Finding some bolder pieces for what people perceived as my style has made my look feel more fashionable. For me, that meant finding more unusual patterns outside of stripes and polka dots, choosing more unique colors and pairing accessories that add a more fashionable edge.


Your shoes make all the difference in what your tone is for an outfit. Sandals say beachy, gym shoes say athletic, heels say fancy – let your shoes speak for you on how you want to be perceived. As you can see, the same outfit looks vastly different with three different pairs of shoes.




Everyone’s body is different – apples and pears and all types of fruit are used to describe a woman’s shape, but that doesn’t mean we all look good in the same clothes even though we live in the same fruit basket. I see outfits all the time online modeled by petite women, which I will never be able to rock as 5’9″ woman. Height, dimensions, bust, hips – they all make a difference in finding what shape and styles look best on our body. Because of my long legs, I tend to direct my attention toward taller heels, long maxis, and skinny jeans versus shorts and mini skirts.


Sexy is what you want it to be, whether it be a dress with lace or floral, high heels or sandals, or even a mini skirt versus a maxi. You need to wear whatever makes you feel like your best self. For me, I don’t need to show skin or cleavage to be sexy, but I do often show my sexiness through formfitting silhouettes and more classic looks, like midi dresses, a good pair of heels and edgy styles.



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Summer Essentials For Your Going Out Bag

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From girl’s night to weddings and date night, your bag holds of the must-haves for a great night filled with fun and Instagram-worthy photos (obviously!). Clutching the right products make all the difference in enjoying your night and feeling fresh throughout the evening. With our wedding season in full swing, my clutches always become a go-to mini pharmacy with all the right products to keep me looking and feeling amazing all night long!

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MY RECOMMENDATION: L’oreal Paris Colour Riche

Every girl needs a bold, kissable lip for a confidence boost. Whether it’s a satin finish, extra gloss or matte lip, ta great lipstick is the most treasured additional to my evening clutch to keep my look at 100%. From bright and bold during drinks with the girls to soft and romantic not to show up the bride on her wedding day, L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche lipsticks offer a broad and beautiful selection of colors to fit every skin tone with the perfect shade and long-lasting wear.



Sweet or spicy, strong to soft, perfume adds the perfect hint of personality to your night out. The last thing you want to do when busting a move on the dance floor or hanging out on that outdoor patio is give off a little B.O., but carrying a travel-sized perfume with you will keep that at bay. My favorite scent is Saint by Kat Von D because I love the floral notes and sweet scent it gives with the smallest drop.

breath freshener

MY RECOMMENDATION: Listerine Pocketpaks

Keeping your breath fresh is important, even for us married ladies! There’s nothing worse than leaning in for a hug or kiss smelling like coffee, garlic, or worse! Keeping some kind of breath fresheners, like mints or gum, can help boost your confidence after eating or drinking something strong. My go-to is also Listerine pocket sheets – unlike mints or gum, you don’t have to constantly chew or hold something in your mouth for an extended time, and the fresh burst is quick and effective in eliminating those bad, stinky bacteria that can hang around.

oil absorbant.jpg

MY RECOMMENDATION: Pore-Fessional License To Blot Stick by Benefit Cosmetics

There’s nothing worse than seeing your makeup slowly accumulate in the fine lines on your face from the oils in your skin, and tissues seem to wipe too much off to make your efforts worthless. Blotting clothes and sticks are perfect for removing the oil and leaving your makeup in tact. With my mixed skin types across my face, I constantly find my pores on my cheeks and forehead becoming clogged with oil causing my skin to break out, but the Pore-Fessional License to Blot mini oil removing stick is the perfect game changer in my clutch to keep my makeup looking fresh all evening.


MY RECOMMENDATION: Revlon Photo Ready Concealer

The whole Revlon Photo Ready collection of products fills most of my makeup bag regularly because of their great quality and longevity, but their concealer is a must. It gives me a smooth touch ups when my under eye bags begin to show and covers those imperfections in a pinch when making a pit stop in the powder room. Avoid packing an oil-based concealer and opt for a dryer concealer, like a stick or powder-finish concealer – this will help prevent greater oil build-up on your skin, making your face into a slip-and-slide.



For years I slaved over maintaining Band-Aids that kept falling off, and when a blister forms on a night out, nothing kills the vibe more than a pharmacy run. PreHeels has been a saving grace of mine for over a year – I bought it originally to get through the endless amounts of weddings we go to. I love wearing cute heels, and nothing is worse than having to take them off because your feet betray you, but PreHeels lets me dance all night long no matter how worn in or not worn in the heels are! I have yet to experience any rubbing or blistering after hours of fun using this.

Note: Some of the products featured in this post were provided for testing and review purposes. All reviews and uses of these products are the author’s honest and true feelings. No opinions are written or persuaded by featured companies.
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My Takeaways On Style From The New Duchess Of Sussex

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For those of you who may be living under a rock or just simply disconnect the last few months, His Royal Highness Prince Harry of Wales married American actress Meghan Markle and the wedding was in all it’s glory stunning! Articles posted all around talk about the style, the flora and the couple, but from this big day, there are so many facets to take away from Meghan as she transforms herself from average actress to a total royal boss babe.


Today;s society preaches overdoing everything – be over-the-top, bubbly, accessorized, and slap a ton of beauty on to make yourself perfect, but the Duchess is quite the opposite. Simple colors, little pattern and mixing, statement jewelry versus multiple pieces, and sentimentalism. These are the facets of her wardrobe and look that give her to put-together appeal and unspoken relatedness. There’s nothing unachievable about her look, and it focuses more on who she is and not what she’s wearing.


Whatever features you may posses, flaunting them isn’t always the best strategy. We all know Meghan has quite the slender, petite figure, but you find her often layering and covering in well-tailored dresses and clothing. Whether it’s a curvy figure or a large bottom/bust, just because you have it doesn’t mean you always have to show it off. Wear clothing that flatters you as a person holistically instead of skin-tight skirts and low necklines. I’m not saying prudish is better, but it elevates your level to a classier look.


Meghan’s look when it comes to beauty if understated elegance. For her wedding day, she wore natural colors, and didn’t even pile on a ton of makeup to cover her perfect dusting of freckles on her face. No matter the features you were born with, covering them in pounds of foundation and eyeliner won’t make you seem more approachable or relatable. She looked like a normal bride on her wedding day without any bright lipstick or over-the-top lashes.


Many drawings were circulating and ideas were speculated on what every thought the Duchess would be wearing on her big day based on the history of royal brides, but no one stopped to consider what she wanted. Her modern-simplicity was something people underestimated and assumed she would opt for a lace or jewel adorned gown to fit the royal motif. Her approach to wearing what fit her style was essential and allowed for important pieces, like her borrowed tiara and Diana’s ring, to really pop and cause conversation. Additionally, can we please gawk at the veil? 53 types of flowers to represent the 53 commonwealths – genius and incredibly meaningful!

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My Favorite Picks And Collections For Summer Wedding Guests!

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Wedding season is upon us, and we all dread the big “What do I wear” question – from farm weddings in flat and summer dresses to formal affairs, your options are boundless! It’s important that you look the part and also stay true to your personal style, which is why I’m sharing with you a few of my favorite collections that I always shop at to find the perfect dress for the soiree!


Enjoy my favorites that I picked up from these collections to wear to weddings this summer! Click the image for link to shop these looks.



Showpo is one of those brands where you see the clothes every where because off-brand markets are trying to steal the absolutely GORGEOUS clothing styles! What I love so much about this online shop is that they have so many diverse patterns, and they create different styles with the same fabrics, making your options so much wider. If you find a fabric and pattern you love, you’ll likely find it in a few different styles to fit your personal preference.


Lulus is the perfect boutique if you’re not quite sure where to start. Their selection of dresses range from sassy and short to formal and functional. The variety of patterns and price tags offers one of the largest collections of dresses that you can dress up for a wedding or dress down for a summer barbecue.


Their name doesn’t limit your selection! The Red Dress Boutique is the perfect selection of diverse styles so popular that they can’t keep them in stock! I can’t count how many times I’ve seen something on their Instagram, wait patiently for it to be live and purchase it right away to snag the adorable outfits at what feels like a steal in the designer market! Their price points are incredibly reasonable with some of their most adorable outfits under $50! You can barely rent a dress for the big event for that price, and the great part if that this is yours to keep.


This collection is new and perfect for the classic girl with a touch of vintage. Blogger Julia Hangel brings her personal style to life for all to enjoy with this exclusive and growing collection of delicate fabrics – it’s incredibly reminiscent of an outfit straight out of The Notebook that Ali would don to her classic and country affairs.

BONUS: This collection is also available online through Nordstrom and in select stores with exclusive collection pieces.


The Astr collection at Nordstrom is one of those Instagram famous collections with romantic lace at great prices. Their dresses come in a huge selection of colors for all tastes and are so versatile for all types of occasions outside of being a wedding guest, making it an incredibly functional purchase.
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35 Business Casual Pieces To Amp Up Your Work Style

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Button-up white shirts and tights are a thing of the past – with a huge influx of modern generations entering and influencing the workplace more and more, the style of the office is changing. Men are no longer wearing full suits to the office every day and women are no longer restricted to boring color palettes. Affordable business casual fashion is becoming bolder and brighter to create greater individuality and I LOVE IT! Check out my favorite business casual pieces to transform from that Boring Beth to the Glam Gabby of the office!

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Beach-Worthy Bathing Suits For Your Summer Getaways

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Spring is starting to get on my nerves with warm weather teasers followed by snowy and cold weeks. The Midwest is known for the bipolar weather, but this year is truly pushing my limits. Maybe it’s the thought that we have a big vacation planned at the end of summer, or maybe it’s just the fact that I’m always cold and craving some warmth. Either way, my long days are not filled with bikini dreams updating my summer looks for 2018! Check out my favorite pieces found thus far for those beach days and summer sun filled vacations! Click for link.

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7 Makeup Bag Musts For The Freshest Daily Look

Our daily routines are steadfast staples in life – they help us stay on schedule, start our day and set the expectations for how we anticipate the day will be. It’s important that your morning makeup bag is stocked with the right products to make the routine effortless, quick and convenient and not exhaustive, frustrating or time-consuming. Set the right mood every morning with my favorite products for a simple getting ready routine!


$6.99, Drug and Skin Product Stores

It took me YEARS to find a routine that fit my skin. I went to multiple brands, derma-specialists and makeup counters with the knowledge that my mixed-oil face was suffering from adult onset acne, and yet everyone kept giving me heavy, name-brand, expensive products. I found this beauty in the normal drug store aisle and it has become a true staple to starting my day. I leave the Neutrogena foaming cleanser in the shower and it works incredibly well at washing away any dirt and bacteria while leaving my skin light and fresh without build up or oil! Since it doubles as a makeup remover, it’s perfect for the evening too, eliminating the need for multiple products stacking my bathroom drawer.

$31.00, Benefit Cosmetics

Another completely random find, but this has truly transformed my skin. As a mixed skin palette (meaning I have some oily and some dry areas), it’s hard for me to put skin products under my daily makeup, because it usually make me break out or causes over oily patches. I gave this one a go and it’s really amazing! Not only does it smooth my skin and minimize poor size, but I started having less dirt and makeup-induced acne. Bonus, it also smoothed out rough, scabby areas from acne, making my skin look slightly more perfect and smooth! Overall, after two weeks, I saw an incredible improvement in my skin and better all-day makeup performance.

$40.00, Sephora

I am a huge fan of this foundation over others, because its just the right balance for mixed skin like mine – dry enough for oily and smooth enough for dry. The coverage is even and perfect for a blender sponge, while it is also all-day wearable! The selection of tones are also great for all skin types.

$29.50, Sephora

This beauty is literally a dream! I realized lately that I have been doing 2, 3 and even 4 coats of mascara to achieve the right curl, length and thickness I want, resulting in crazy clumps and burning through mascara tubes monthly, if not in less time! This primer fell into my lap and I absolutely adore the lengthening it gives me with just one coat of primer, and only two lights of coats of mascara make my routine so much quicker with no lumps or trouble.

$19.00, Kat Von D Beauty

I have been digging through makeup aisles for over a year trying to find the right matte long-wear lipstick to survive my day is classic, but stunning shades. Most matte lipsticks are obnoxious tones, like mango or lilac, but this brand was perfect in their 40 shades! I love this lipstick for the office and a night out – plus she offers a pure white lipstick base to get true tones and mix and match without the pigment of your natural lip interacting!

$5.99, Drug Stores and Online

This product is an absolute must for anyone who struggles with those random pop-up acne spots on their face. I particularly struggle with cystic acne triggered by processed sugar, causing deep, painful bumps (but let’s be real, I still will eat anything with chocolate). You put a little bit of this magic gel on that spot and it feels like your problems are nearly solved in less than 24 hours. I usually put it on at night after washing my face and can see such progress the next morning in acne reduction. People have told me their home remedies for quick acne reduction, but even they’re blown away by this spot treatment gel!

$20.00, Sephora

Keeping your tools fresh is just as important as what you put on your face. Did you know that your blenders and brushes grow so many bacteria even after just one use? Weekly or even monthly cleanings can make a huge difference to what’s going on your face, and helps to prevent breakouts and makeup issues. This wonderful kit of products not only helps to clean your brush, but is reusable time and time again unlike wipes, and it’s parabens and sulfates free!