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My Takeaways On Style From The New Duchess Of Sussex

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For those of you who may be living under a rock or just simply disconnect the last few months, His Royal Highness Prince Harry of Wales married American actress Meghan Markle and the wedding was in all it’s glory stunning! Articles posted all around talk about the style, the flora and the couple, but from this big day, there are so many facets to take away from Meghan as she transforms herself from average actress to a total royal boss babe.


Today;s society preaches overdoing everything – be over-the-top, bubbly, accessorized, and slap a ton of beauty on to make yourself perfect, but the Duchess is quite the opposite. Simple colors, little pattern and mixing, statement jewelry versus multiple pieces, and sentimentalism. These are the facets of her wardrobe and look that give her to put-together appeal and unspoken relatedness. There’s nothing unachievable about her look, and it focuses more on who she is and not what she’s wearing.


Whatever features you may posses, flaunting them isn’t always the best strategy. We all know Meghan has quite the slender, petite figure, but you find her often layering and covering in well-tailored dresses and clothing. Whether it’s a curvy figure or a large bottom/bust, just because you have it doesn’t mean you always have to show it off. Wear clothing that flatters you as a person holistically instead of skin-tight skirts and low necklines. I’m not saying prudish is better, but it elevates your level to a classier look.


Meghan’s look when it comes to beauty if understated elegance. For her wedding day, she wore natural colors, and didn’t even pile on a ton of makeup to cover her perfect dusting of freckles on her face. No matter the features you were born with, covering them in pounds of foundation and eyeliner won’t make you seem more approachable or relatable. She looked like a normal bride on her wedding day without any bright lipstick or over-the-top lashes.


Many drawings were circulating and ideas were speculated on what every thought the Duchess would be wearing on her big day based on the history of royal brides, but no one stopped to consider what she wanted. Her modern-simplicity was something people underestimated and assumed she would opt for a lace or jewel adorned gown to fit the royal motif. Her approach to wearing what fit her style was essential and allowed for important pieces, like her borrowed tiara and Diana’s ring, to really pop and cause conversation. Additionally, can we please gawk at the veil? 53 types of flowers to represent the 53 commonwealths – genius and incredibly meaningful!

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My Favorite Picks And Collections For Summer Wedding Guests!

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Wedding season is upon us, and we all dread the big “What do I wear” question – from farm weddings in flat and summer dresses to formal affairs, your options are boundless! It’s important that you look the part and also stay true to your personal style, which is why I’m sharing with you a few of my favorite collections that I always shop at to find the perfect dress for the soiree!


Enjoy my favorites that I picked up from these collections to wear to weddings this summer! Click the image for link to shop these looks.



Showpo is one of those brands where you see the clothes every where because off-brand markets are trying to steal the absolutely GORGEOUS clothing styles! What I love so much about this online shop is that they have so many diverse patterns, and they create different styles with the same fabrics, making your options so much wider. If you find a fabric and pattern you love, you’ll likely find it in a few different styles to fit your personal preference.


Lulus is the perfect boutique if you’re not quite sure where to start. Their selection of dresses range from sassy and short to formal and functional. The variety of patterns and price tags offers one of the largest collections of dresses that you can dress up for a wedding or dress down for a summer barbecue.


Their name doesn’t limit your selection! The Red Dress Boutique is the perfect selection of diverse styles so popular that they can’t keep them in stock! I can’t count how many times I’ve seen something on their Instagram, wait patiently for it to be live and purchase it right away to snag the adorable outfits at what feels like a steal in the designer market! Their price points are incredibly reasonable with some of their most adorable outfits under $50! You can barely rent a dress for the big event for that price, and the great part if that this is yours to keep.


This collection is new and perfect for the classic girl with a touch of vintage. Blogger Julia Hangel brings her personal style to life for all to enjoy with this exclusive and growing collection of delicate fabrics – it’s incredibly reminiscent of an outfit straight out of The Notebook that Ali would don to her classic and country affairs.

BONUS: This collection is also available online through Nordstrom and in select stores with exclusive collection pieces.


The Astr collection at Nordstrom is one of those Instagram famous collections with romantic lace at great prices. Their dresses come in a huge selection of colors for all tastes and are so versatile for all types of occasions outside of being a wedding guest, making it an incredibly functional purchase.
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35 Business Casual Pieces To Amp Up Your Work Style

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Button-up white shirts and tights are a thing of the past – with a huge influx of modern generations entering and influencing the workplace more and more, the style of the office is changing. Men are no longer wearing full suits to the office every day and women are no longer restricted to boring color palettes. Affordable business casual fashion is becoming bolder and brighter to create greater individuality and I LOVE IT! Check out my favorite business casual pieces to transform from that Boring Beth to the Glam Gabby of the office!

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Beach-Worthy Bathing Suits For Your Summer Getaways

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Spring is starting to get on my nerves with warm weather teasers followed by snowy and cold weeks. The Midwest is known for the bipolar weather, but this year is truly pushing my limits. Maybe it’s the thought that we have a big vacation planned at the end of summer, or maybe it’s just the fact that I’m always cold and craving some warmth. Either way, my long days are not filled with bikini dreams updating my summer looks for 2018! Check out my favorite pieces found thus far for those beach days and summer sun filled vacations! Click for link.

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7 Makeup Bag Musts For The Freshest Daily Look

Our daily routines are steadfast staples in life – they help us stay on schedule, start our day and set the expectations for how we anticipate the day will be. It’s important that your morning makeup bag is stocked with the right products to make the routine effortless, quick and convenient and not exhaustive, frustrating or time-consuming. Set the right mood every morning with my favorite products for a simple getting ready routine!


$6.99, Drug and Skin Product Stores

It took me YEARS to find a routine that fit my skin. I went to multiple brands, derma-specialists and makeup counters with the knowledge that my mixed-oil face was suffering from adult onset acne, and yet everyone kept giving me heavy, name-brand, expensive products. I found this beauty in the normal drug store aisle and it has become a true staple to starting my day. I leave the Neutrogena foaming cleanser in the shower and it works incredibly well at washing away any dirt and bacteria while leaving my skin light and fresh without build up or oil! Since it doubles as a makeup remover, it’s perfect for the evening too, eliminating the need for multiple products stacking my bathroom drawer.

$31.00, Benefit Cosmetics

Another completely random find, but this has truly transformed my skin. As a mixed skin palette (meaning I have some oily and some dry areas), it’s hard for me to put skin products under my daily makeup, because it usually make me break out or causes over oily patches. I gave this one a go and it’s really amazing! Not only does it smooth my skin and minimize poor size, but I started having less dirt and makeup-induced acne. Bonus, it also smoothed out rough, scabby areas from acne, making my skin look slightly more perfect and smooth! Overall, after two weeks, I saw an incredible improvement in my skin and better all-day makeup performance.

$40.00, Sephora

I am a huge fan of this foundation over others, because its just the right balance for mixed skin like mine – dry enough for oily and smooth enough for dry. The coverage is even and perfect for a blender sponge, while it is also all-day wearable! The selection of tones are also great for all skin types.

$29.50, Sephora

This beauty is literally a dream! I realized lately that I have been doing 2, 3 and even 4 coats of mascara to achieve the right curl, length and thickness I want, resulting in crazy clumps and burning through mascara tubes monthly, if not in less time! This primer fell into my lap and I absolutely adore the lengthening it gives me with just one coat of primer, and only two lights of coats of mascara make my routine so much quicker with no lumps or trouble.

$19.00, Kat Von D Beauty

I have been digging through makeup aisles for over a year trying to find the right matte long-wear lipstick to survive my day is classic, but stunning shades. Most matte lipsticks are obnoxious tones, like mango or lilac, but this brand was perfect in their 40 shades! I love this lipstick for the office and a night out – plus she offers a pure white lipstick base to get true tones and mix and match without the pigment of your natural lip interacting!

$5.99, Drug Stores and Online

This product is an absolute must for anyone who struggles with those random pop-up acne spots on their face. I particularly struggle with cystic acne triggered by processed sugar, causing deep, painful bumps (but let’s be real, I still will eat anything with chocolate). You put a little bit of this magic gel on that spot and it feels like your problems are nearly solved in less than 24 hours. I usually put it on at night after washing my face and can see such progress the next morning in acne reduction. People have told me their home remedies for quick acne reduction, but even they’re blown away by this spot treatment gel!

$20.00, Sephora

Keeping your tools fresh is just as important as what you put on your face. Did you know that your blenders and brushes grow so many bacteria even after just one use? Weekly or even monthly cleanings can make a huge difference to what’s going on your face, and helps to prevent breakouts and makeup issues. This wonderful kit of products not only helps to clean your brush, but is reusable time and time again unlike wipes, and it’s parabens and sulfates free!

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The Top Spring 2018 Trends For Your Everyday Closet

Taking a runway look into real life is super hard – let’s be real, half those things I wouldn’t even walk out of the house wearing because they’re so out of this world, but transforming them into daily fashionable clothing is possible! These spring 2018 trends can be translated into timeless, stunning pieces that you can use in your everyday closet while being the (positive) talk of any party!


Runway denim

Retro meets modern is the new look coming from the bottoms market and high fashion denim is making a huge comeback. Out with the traditional skinny jean and in with the wide legs, high waist lines and chic looks. Diversifying the denim industry is bringing back some reminiscent looks from the ’70’s and ’80’s that bring edge and sexy you can’t get with plain, old skinnies.



runway color blocking

Solid colors are more hot than ever, and spring is the perfect time for embracing color after the drab winter. Bright colors, like fuchsia, yellow and cobalt are going to be big with no patterns, or even in striped outline.



runway transparent

Sheer is chic and transparency is making a huge wave this year. You’ll start to see more outfits embracing the bareness and accenting it with cute undergarments, like bralettes, or fashion jewelry. Although you probably won’t be rocking a full sheet ensemble, bodysuits and sheer lace are two very common wear pieces to take your outfit to the fashion level.



runway tulle

Tulle is usually a fabric reserved for weddings and wedding- like occasions, like showers, but it’s making its way to high fashion this spring. Now, you don’t have to wear a massive tulle choker to stand out, but this look is definitely for the softer, more feminine looks, like skirts and sheer tops.




runway white.jpg

This trend is a mix of a few different ones we already talked about, but the white plays well off the transparency the many designers are seeking in spring 2018. Lace, patterns and sheer backgrounds became a huge theme and white is here to stay as a refreshing color coming out of winter. Although, you still shouldn’t be caught dead wearing this to the spring and summer weddings!



runway floral

“Florals? For Spring? Groudbreaking.” – Meryl Streep says it best. Florals will never be out for spring, but constant revolution of the patterns is what keeps them fresh. You’ll start to see larger, more diverse floral patterns from your mom’s daisies coming to the market, with particular visions of more Nordic and European styles inspired by Eastern European culture.

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My Favorite Looks for Valentine’s Day Dates

The holiday of love is approaching quick, and it’s time to start thinking outfit! Whether it be a new fling, loving boyfriend or adoring husband, we all aim to dress to impress on this first major special occasion in the new year. Being dolled-up for a night out or cozy for a night on the couch marathoning your favorite movies, everyone deserves something a little cute (to treat yourself of course!). Check out my favorite looks for all occasions!


Dark plums and vibrant reds are the color of Valentine’s day! Show off what you have to work with in a flattering sheer or backless dress tucked tight to each curve for a little extra sexy appeal, or rock a stunning, flowing maxi with a sexy slit up the leg. For those who like a little more coverage, a simple skater dress can be accessorized with your favorite metallic heels and jewelry.

Featured Styles:
Essence of Style Plum Purple Maxi Dress – Lulus, $98
So Good Coral Red Bodycon Dress – Lulus, $52
Remarkable Black Lace Dress – Lulus, $57
Cumulonimbus Clouds Burgundy Skater Dress – Lulus, $56

Elevated, sheer and feminine – a few of the best words to describe fashion heading into Valentine’s Day. Up your game with a look that will be having heads turn in the right direction, and making your partner feel special. Simple floral dresses are perfect for casual dinners at your favorite place or a few cocktails. For those of you (like myself!) trapped in the winter blues, bodysuit turtlenecks have made a huge comeback for the chic ’70’s vibe, paired with high wasted skinny jeans and simple accessories.

Featured Styles:
Mile High Light Wash Super Skinny Jeans – Levi’s, $98
Dream of You Ivory Floral Print Off-The-Shoulder Shift Dress – Lulus, $49

Sweet Secrets Mauve Pink Lace Turtleneck Top – Lulus, $40
501 Skinny Washed Blue Distressed Jeans – Levi’s, $70

Low key and cool – max out your couch marathon in comfort with cozy sweaters, flowy tops and classic cotton tees. Pair your top with a favorite pair of fitting jeans or a great pair of leggings (TIP: invest in high quality, well fitting jeans over wasting money on cheap styles that make your booty sag!). Layer your style with a slightly sexy bralette for added flair.

Featured Styles:
Free People Laguna Thermal Top – Nordstrom, $68
Light of Dawn Blush Pink Floral Print Off-The-Shoulder Top – Lulus, $39
Lift My Spirits White Buttons-Up Crop Top – Lulus, $41