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September 9, 2021

Four Types of Logo Designs That Your Business Should Have

Presenting your brand to the market may vary based on the platform and medium you use to promote. As a result, different logos and sizes may be required to produce the ideal situation, and creating a package of logos including different types may mean that you need a variety of design options, and knowing what type of logos are used where is a key element to your brand strategy, so I’m sharing the four types of logos you need and how to use them properly.

Four Types of Logo Designs

Primary Logo

The primary logo of your business is the ideal situation that you want to put in front of your customer. It should be part of their first touchpoint because it gives them a clear visual and vocal image of your brand, and allows for them to build an opinion and relationship with your brand. This logo features your full brand name, what you do and how to get to information about you, like your URL or contact information. It should be used anywhere where customers are in contact with your brand early in the customer journey, including online, on social media, and on products or marketing materials.

Secondary Logo

Boss Babe Logo

Your secondary logo is a variation of your primary logo, and could be a different design or a more paired down version of that logo. In my case, my secondary logo takes the basic design principles of my first logo, and eliminates the graphic portion to reflect text exclusively. Like the primary logo, it gives the same information in a more concise manner, but still identifies and looks like it fits with the primary branding and logo. Often times, this logo is used as an alternate to the primary if the platform seems more fitting for it’s use. in my case, I often use this logo for black and white printing, since it can be easier to read, or in document headers because it feels more centered.


Boss Babe Logo

Submark logos are usually strictly visual representations of your brand. They could be a design element, a simplified text logo, initials, or more, and are often used as brand identifiers to your audience, and it is often used on small surfaces or places where the full logo isn’t required. Apple is famous for using their apple submark logo on all of their products, and submarks can often be more identifiable to a brand over the full logo, such as in this case. Submarks are great to emboss or imbed in product designs, on packaging, on small collateral and more.

Text Logo

Boss Babe Logo

Text logos are exactly as they sound – alternate logos that are strictly text designed in a standard writing format. These are easy-to-read logos that are in the left-to-right horizontal writing layout, and are great to create readability on the surfaces they are placed on. They often don’t contain any design elements that distract from the design, and may not have as much information as the primary logo. In the case of my logo, I took the URL out of the logo and focused on a readable design that quickly gave an overview of my business. This type of logo is often used on items like business cards or collateral where readability is important.


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