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August 20, 2021

How to Find Your Brand Identity

Brand identity is the public perception of your business and brand to the public audience, and the way that you present your brand is the ideal situation in which you want it to be digested. By building an effective brand that penetrates the market and reaches your ideal audience to create a brand that generates sales, you are setting your business up for success and for maximum brand loyalty. If you want to formulate an effective brand, all you need to do is take a few steps towards success.

How to Find Your Brand Identity

Create a Mood Board

Layout a visual representation of what your brand encompasses and aspires to be in a cohesive platform. Whether it’s a tons of pictures on a digital document or a physical piece of cardboard using glue to adhere images to, take some time to really evaluate what you want people to see, think and say when they look at your brand.

Think About Your Audience’s Perspective

When you’re developing your brand, your customer’s perspective should always be a part of developing your identity. You want your customers to relate and feel positively toward your brand, so you must ensure that their thoughts and opinions are heard.

Figure Out Your Aspirations

What do you most admire in this world? It could be a person, another brand, or even an object. So when you’re finding your brand identity, think about what parts of those you admire should be reflected within your brand, and what about them makes them so aspirational. You want your audience to bond with your brand to build loyalty, and so understanding not only your aspirations, but the aspirations of your audience will help to make an effective brand.

Vision, Voice and Visuals

These are the three ways in which someone bonds with your brand. These are the foundation of your brand identity and should be the top focus when trying to penetrate the market. How you speak and interact will formulate your audience’s opinion about your brand, building your brand’s reputation and public identity.


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