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August 4, 2021

Four E-Commerce Trends After The Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about a new wave of marketing and business change, especially to retailers both online and in-person. With the need to stay home but the demand for the same products, people have resorted to online to purchase nearly everything needed to fulfill their daily wants and needs, including curbside pick up for groceries, overnight Amazon deliveries and free shipping on nearly everything. As we begin to exit the thick of the pandemic, we’re seeing a slight shift in e-commerce trends, but there is still a lot of opportunity for e-commerce businesses to succeed by following four trends that are here to stay.

Four E-Commerce Trends After The Pandemic

Online and Curbside Sales Will Continue To Rise

With curbside accounting for almost 47% of sales for B&M retailers in 2020, online and curbside will continue to rise as a viable option for quick and near instant consumer satisfaction. People are busy, and in the world we live in created by the “Amazon Effect,” next day or same day delivery and pick up options are in high demand for customers. Customers often spend up to 30% more when buying online versus in store, and that’s where you want to continue to drive sales

Free Delivery Will Be Key

Free and fast shipping, regardless of business size, will be a driving factor in generating successful conversions because customers want to know that the value in the cart is what they’re paying, and are not abandoning their carts at checkout because of hidden processing and shipping fees. With large retailers like Amazon, Target, Walmart and more offering free shipping, it’s a huge hit to the bottom line, but will ultimately result in more spend for smaller retailers and stores. Cover the extra cost of shipping by spreading it out in the product price by adding a small amount to every product, like $.50 or $1.

Saved and Instant Checkouts Options Will Convert

The faster someone can checkout, the less time they will have to second doubt their decision. the one-click checkout, saved cards, or easy checkout options, like Google or Apple Pay, it makes it easier to convert customers efficiently, effectively and without second thoughts. Additionally, with checkout options that allow them to pay later, like PayPal, Klarna, After Pay and more, it makes the stress of purchases easier and helps them to spread payments out overtime with the traditional concern of interest from credit cards,

Rewards Will Bring Them Back

Having a rewards or cash back program linked to purchases in your e-commerce or B&M store will bring customers back. Like many loyalty programs, offering incentive based on how much or how often they purchase will help drive sales and spend because they could earn exclusive discounts, products and more for just purchasing products they want or need. Many individuals have capitalized on this situation throughout the pandemic and have become very savvy to invest in the right credit cards that offer maximum rewards, as well as shop at stores that will reward and benefit them for their shopping.


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