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July 9, 2021

Five Ways to Drive E-Commerce Sales on Digital Platforms

As we come out of the COVID-19 pandemic with the rise in vaccinations and increased ability for individuals to visit retail shops, we’re still seeing the trend of online shopping due to convenience. If you happen to have an amazing product only sold on e-commerce platforms or wish to improve your success on e-commerce, I’m sharing a marketer’s outlook on e’commerce product success, and how you too can find ways to convert customers efficiently and effectively.

Offer Linkable Social Posts

Whether you’re offering a link in the caption, a link in your bio or social checkout that lets them purchase without leaving the platform, it’s important to make your social sharing a sales platform for your audience. Offering call-to-actions and immediate purchase options in your social posts will help your audience to purchase, especially impulse shoppers who are easily converted with convenience. For example, many clothing boutiques use Instagram’s Buy in Instagram feature because it allows for their target audience to see an image of a piece of clothing, purchase right there, and not drive them away to get distracted on their website, or give them time to second guess their purchase.

Collaborate with Influencers

With the rise of digital platforms, Influencers have become so integral in the last ten years, and a good influencer can truly drive impressive sales for your business. Before you hire or collaborate with anyone, understand their following, engagement rate and marketing strategy they would use to promote your product offering. You may choose to give free product, offer commission on sales, or deliver a flat rate price to pay for their services in promoting your products. In exchange, you can use their images on your social media and marketing platforms, gain exposure to target audiences not already familiar with your brand and build a successful business relationship.

Send Customers Directly to Product Page

If you have the option, always send a customer directly to a product page that you are discussing on the platform or post. This will allow a customer to efficiently. convert, as well as allow you to truly track performance of conversion of clickthrough versus sales. If you find that you have a clickthroughs but a low conversion rate, you know there’s some kind of product disconnect between the image and post versus the web page, allowing you to potentially make digital platform or product changes. For example, if a clothing brand posts a beautiful picture of a dress, but they have a difficult time selling it, it could be due to a design flaw in the dress, like an open back that customers don’t like, or it could be that your website doesn’t give them enough detail about the fit to purchase the dress with confidence. But if your platforms are working as expected, you’ll see more people visit the page, add it to their cart, and purchase.

Offer Discount and Free Shipping Opportunities

Discounts and free shipping offers often incentivize people to convert on e-commerce platforms. Pop-ups, free shipping on order of $XX, and seasonal discounts can be great opportunities to tell a customer that their purchase matters to you, so you’re going to reward them in turn. When a customer visits your website, you should always have a pop-up offering an incentive, such as “sign up for emails and receive XX% off or free shipping for your next order” because this will not only allow you to retarget the consumer in the future through email marketing, but it will also encourage an immediate sales with a discount code, allowing you to potentially convert a customer more than once.

Easy Checkout Options

Allowing your customers to use alternative, easy checkout options will help a customer to easily convert with little intervention. The conventional way or entering a credit card manually will always be the most difficult way to convert, but with the opportunity to offer Amazon or Apple Pay, installments payments through Klarna or Afterpay, or sign-in to checkout with saved cards, you can turn a potential customer into someone who quickly converts without hesitation.