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June 22, 2021

Free Digital Resources for Entrepreneurs

Calling all entrepreneurs – this one is for you! We all know the expenses that come along with running a business, but finding some great free resources are essential for growth, so I’m sharing a few of my favorite to help you be a better today.

Wave Financial Management

Financial management software is an absolute MUST in any business, regardless of size. The great part about Wave is that it’s complete FREE for invoicing and accounting! Add payment processing for a small fee per transaction, any payroll for a small monthly fee based on your company size and state. As a small business who has used a variety of payment and accounting softwares, as well as someone who has no employees, it’s a huge relief to use a software that works for me and my needs.

Grammarly Proof Reading

Details are hard, and in today’s technical word, we’re all prone to typos and grammar issues, so it’s important to have a great proofreader on your hands. Grammarly is a great option to add to your Chrome browser as an extension, or use their proofreading services for large projects. It’s free for most projects, or upgrade to premium service if you need more thorough and long-term assistance.

Yoast SEO for WordPress

Do you have a WordPress website? Well, enjoy the perks of search engine optimization with Yoast SEO for free, It’s a plug in that you can install to better index your page content and key words through search engines like Google in order to help your audience find you more efficiently. For example, if you sell organic shampoo, you can use Yoast SEO to put organic shampoo throughout your site in content ad through SEO, and your sites will them communicate to Google that you sell organic shampoo so that people searching it can better find your site on the first page of search content.

Behance Inspiration

Behance is a creative resource brought to you by Adobe for inspiration and designs in all kids of fields. It helps bring together creatives to discuss exciting designs and find what you need without visiting so many platforms, like Adobe Stock and Creative Market. If you’re not a creative person, this is a great place to start to find designs you love!

Mailchimp Email Marketing

Email marketing – an easily overlooked topic for small businesses. Whether you have an email like of 100 or 1,000 people, Mailchimp allows you to manage your email marketing effectively, efficiently, and for free, with the ability to collect emails, create designs and distribute all in one place. Link it to a pop up or sign up on your website, and you’ll be seeing success to your voluntarily interested market!

Tailwinds Social Publishing

If you’re a small business who uses Instagram or Pinterest all the time, this is the platform you’ve been looking for! For 20 posts a month, enjoy this software for free and schedule your social media in an easy-to-use and simplified platform.  personally use it for my business and will never turn back to wasting time posting on each individual platform.


Need help setting your business up for success? We can help you get set up and launched on any of these platforms! Contact us today to learn more.