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January 9, 2021

Why You Should Invest in a Quality Brand

Branding plays an incredibly crucial role in the customer journey in today’s modern society because it drives the visual and emotional relationship between the customer and the business. Whether you’re a solo team as an entrepreneur or part of a larger organization, having branding that is ‘on-point’ with your audience, products and business can be a game-changer for your sales and performance. The biggest problem I see with businesses looking to upgrade their brand is that they see the labor and product of branding as an expense to their bottom line. It may be a large expense up-front, but you will surely see great long-term results for your business as an investment in your future.

Branding Is More Than A Logo

Branding is the visual, physical, emotionally, and verbal representation of your brand. A good marketer will help you to build your business’ personality from the ground up, with a whole package of branding standards, including key words, brand voice, colors, fonts, logos, content, design, and much more. Branding is the whole picture of the internal and external representation you bring to your audiences, and how you engage with them through various channels and platforms. Just like a person standing in front of you, your business’ brand is what you want your audience to build a relationship with to gain loyalty and sales.

Branding Adds Legitimacy To Your Business

Having a consistent and quality brand can mean a huge difference in your customer’s mind. If a person can feel that they are receiving a quality, holistic and well-rounded experience with a brand from start to finish, they are more likely to return to the brand and share the brand with others. From your advertising to your website, product, packaging, shipping, customer service, and beyond, your branding touches each area of your business, and provides a foundation to evolve and grow over time within reasonable and consistent standards.

Great Branding Can Lead To Great Sales

With the culmination of trust built with your audience, quality services/products, and your brand voice stretching to each segment of your organization, you’re going to see your sales get better because your audience will become returning customers. The goal of every business is to build a strong, loyal fan base, making your product one of the only options within your product category for your customers when it comes to the decision making process. When someone feels loyal enough to your product, they’ll share with their friends, growing your audience and sales over time, displaying the long-term positive effects of a quality brand.

Branding Is An Investment, Not An Expense

Too many people see branding and brand development as a big expense for their organization. Although it is a line item on your annual budget, it’s important to see marketing and branding as an investment in your business’ future, and not as an expense to keep the business running. As a professional marketer and branding expert, I often come across clients reluctant to invest in their branding because they feel that the expense is too great, but branding has long term effects, including customer legitimacy, loyalty, and increased sales. It is a big expense in the year that you rebrand or invest in quality branding expertise, but think about how much it would cost to spread that expense over three years, because that’s approximately how long a brand often lasts in the market before it requires moderate changes, such as tweaks or rebranding. When you look at a $9,000 brand package and see it as a three year investment, you’re only looking at $3,000 per year, which could yield you greater results by building your audience, causing a ripple effect of success through your business.


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