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December 7, 2020

How To Build A Brand Businesses Want to Work With

As an influencer, working with brands is a great way to monetize your following and gain meaningful business partnerships that are equally beneficial. Working with brands through affiliate marketing, one-time collaborations, repeat campaigns and long- term partnerships helps you to bring them sales and following, while also growing your following and business. But one part of an influencer marketing that many influencers forget is that businesses are investing in your brand, not just you. Your brand is comprised of a variety of factors, from voice to visuals, and building an effective brand that businesses want to work with is important to growing your business and following.

Be Consistent

The layout of your account is what your brand should visually be represented by, so using consistent looks and feels to your posts is important. Using Instagram as an example, sharing imagery that has a consistent layout, such as outfit pictures or flat lays, along with consistent coloring through editing like with filters, you can create a look and feel that feels cohesive when looking at your page. It’s important to note when using editing and filters, try using the same filter for every photo or a set of filters that purposefully go together. This will help you to see if a picture fits your look because if it doesn’t work the filter, then it probably has too bad of lighting or layout to share.

Additionally, you want to keep a consistent voice that is who you are. The way you speak should be the way you write, and you shouldn’t write anything that doesn’t fit your voice and values.

Host a Real and Professional Website

The biggest flaw that influencers employ is using “plug-and-chug” websites that just don’t work for what they’re trying to communicate. I hear them say often that the price is inexpensive and websites don’t really after, but to a business, it can mean more than you know. Invest in a quality website that allows you to customize the content and layout to fit the journey you want customers and businesses to have with your brand. If you’re just using the website to host your blog, you should focus on other important content to include, such as a home page with information about you, a social media feed, contact information, and maybe even additional pages for your following that could enhance their experience and build your brand credibility to businesses, such as a shopping page for people to shop commissionable links that help you generate income.

Have a Rockstar Profile and Bio

Who you are starts with the first impression, and having a solid profile and bio is important. Make sure to explain who you are, what you’re doing, and why you’re doing it along with a call to action. This should basically be a one sentence synopsis of your website bio/about me section. Here is a great template I use with clients to write bios:

[who you are] + [what you do] + [why you do it] + [call to action].

Here is the example from my own Instagram profile:

Designer + Consultant Helping Businesses, Coaches, Influencers + More to Build Effective Digital Marketing Plans to Grow | Now booking new clients!

With blocks:

[Designer + Consultant] [Helping Businesses, Coaches, Influencers + More] [to Build Effective Digital Marketing Plans to Grow] | [Now booking new clients!]

Be Authentic

To many people in the influencer world are trying to be something that they aren’t. Brands can see right through that, and it’s important that you are your true self and communicate that to a brand. You can project authenticity to a brand by being honest, consistent, and unique in your own special way. Don’t try to copy what others are doing, and talk about topics that interest you and your audience. Additionally, don’t try to build your following through inauthentic channels, such as through purchasing followers, doing follow trains, or giveaways to entice people frequently to follow. These will all cause your following to look great, but your engagement to look low because people will not care about you and your content.