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December 1, 2020

Four Steps To Building Strong Influencer Relationships

When you’re a brand or business looking to get your name out to a broader audience on social media, it’s hard to individually target customers and engage them one-on-one to generate sales. This is why many brands rely on influencers as intermediaries to help reach broader audiences that are already trusting of the influencer and their platform. The math is simple: if a brand works with ten influencers who have an average of 200,000 followers each, that’s over two million people reached through campaigns and collaborations! With that kind of reach and engagement, your business could soar, but to get started, you have to first take these four steps to build a successful platform with high-performing influencers.

Thoroughly Vet Your Influencers

One mistake companies often make when launching influencer campaigns is to not talk and interview an influencer before asking them onboard. Getting to know someone, their content and their audience is crucial to ensuring that they are a good fit for your business, and equally, they’ll want to make sure your brand or product is a good fit for their audience. This step will help you start your relationship on a good foot. Reach out to them via email or phone, learn a little bit about them by following their social media, and really explore their platforms as a whole for consistency and content authenticity.

Tailor Each Collaboration to the Influencer

Every influencer is different – their audience demographics, content, post frequency, etc. all vary based on their specific marketing plan. Once you have a chance to talk to an influencer, each collaboration may look different. Some may be best for “gifted” campaigns where you give them a product to post about, while others may have more reach and greater stake for your business, so they may be more worthy of paid campaigns that involve monetary compensation. Knowing what your influencer is looking for and what suits their business will ultimately help your business to better collaborate with them.

Talk to the Influencer about their Performance

When a campaign is occurring or complete, you should always follow up with the influencer to see their analytics and insights from the campaign. If it didn’t perform well, review what happened and determine if this specific influencer is worth moving forward with for future campaigns. If they are, sit down and discuss new ideas for future campaigns to improve their performance, and ultimately your performance. Building a relationship isn’t just about giving them all of the benefits, and working together benefits both parties.

Be Fair and Communicate

It’s hard to be fair when everyone may be different in the influencer world, but it’s important to compensate influencers fairly. Their work and effort to build their platform is what helps them to thrive, and they’ll give you the work and effort back if they feel respected for what they do. Communicate openly with them, hear their pros and cons of each campaign, and check in with them even if campaigns are not currently happening. They can become your best advocates to consumers with the right relationship.


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