July 30, 2020

Why Marketing Feels Weird Right Now and Four Ways to Address It

We’re living in a weird time – and weird is the only word I know to use. 2020 has been a year of the coronavirus pandemic, social justice reform, and so much more, resulting in such a revolution for the digital world, changing the topics from what to buy to what to do. Individuals and businesses feel obligated to address these topic, but fear retaliation if they aren’t faced appropriately. So how do you move forward with promoting yourself or your business during a time where it doesn’t feel right? How do you keep moving forward when it feels like you were left behind?

One of the biggest struggles that I have seen a lot of my influencer and small business clients struggle with is that marketing, especially posting happy promotional social media posts, just doesn’t feel organic. It doesn’t feel right to be posting outfits for a girl’s night out when no one is going out and it doesn’t feel right promoting a business service when people are conserving their money in fear of recession or unemployment. I have compiled four tips on how to move forward without fear of being left behind with low sales or no income.

Change Your Marketing Strategy

If you’re used to posting on social media and blogs about content promoting things that can no longer be achieved, like favorite spots to eat or places to travel, it’s time to rethink your strategy. It’s OK to stay within a topic – such as travel or fashion – but rethink to what your followers or customers would want to see now. One influencer that I work with is used to posting mid-level fashion for petite women, but she shut down once the world started to close because she was lost. Eventually, we helped her convert her beautiful city outfits to be more homebody looks, with home fitness gear and comfy sweats, to give her audience a look into her life in quarantine.

E-Commerce is Crucial

If your business isn’t working within e-commerce, NOW’S THE TIME! The e-commerce trend was already booming, but our world is forever changed and I don’t see the high demand for e-commerce subsiding. If you’re a business, get only and share your products with the world, or if you run an influencer profile, develop a “shop my favorites” page for your blog so monetize your content through influencer or ambassador programs for your favorite brands.

Be Supportive Without Capitalizing

It breaks my heart to see organizations capitalizing on the new situations of world, with ironic t-shirts about COVID-19 or unofficial Black Lives Matter merchandise. Don’t jump on the bandwagon! It’s OK to generate supportive posts for organizations, but try to not to abuse the conversation. Additionally, when posting about controversial topics, ensure that the messaging aligns with your brand and values. Don’t post something that you copied from another company or that is one person’s voice. Also be authentic and honest because whatever message you post reflects your values and impact’s your customer opinion of your company.

Safety Over Sales

The biggest downfall I saw in a lot of companies or individuals throughout this year was that a lot of people chose sales over safety. Companies didn’t shut down or take any protective steps for employees until they were legally required to, influencers continued to go out and show their public lifestyles, and people continued to share unsafe, invalidated information that could be dangerous (did someone say conspiracy theories? I’ll write a post soon about validating information!). It’s important that you look proactive, not reactive, and be at the forefront of change. Show your customers that you care about them by caring for your internal audience and those around you with proper practices and behavior.


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