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May 18, 2020

Four Tips to Help Your Content Drive Higher Engagement

We can all think of a person or company that posts WAY too much on social media with horribly written blurbs and quick “buy me” sales pitches. Let’s be real – the type and quality of content is so much more important than the quantity of content. The single biggest factor about social media that people usually don’t understand is that it runs on an algorithm powered by engagement, not by post frequency. You see a profile’s posts more often when you’re liking, commenting and engaging with that user, and although frequency of posts can increase to engagement, the quality is important to coincide with that or else your efforts will be lost. If you’re looking to grow your social media presence, I am here to share my four tips on how to drive higher engagement through quality content.

Keep your message short and targeted

Many think that more is better – but that’s not always true. Posting 20 Instagram stories of your talking to the camera or writing a paragraph about your day isn’t going to get anyone to be interested in you. Share something helpful and relevant in a compact manner that people can absorb in less than 60 seconds. Demonstrate a product in your stories quickly, or share a helpful tip on how to do something in a caption. Your audience’s attention span is short, so make sure your message and call to action captures them quickly.

Have good imagery

You don’t need expensive professional equipment anymore to produce high quality imagery. With many easy and inexpensive tools at your finger tips, you can take great photos and amazing videos at the tips of your fingers. Smartphones are a great start, then upgrade yourself to use a portable tripod to house your phone and easy click remote. This will totally change the game on your pictures and videos to allow you freedom to step away from selfie mode for a while.

Catch your audience’s attention

Engagement is about attention. You want your audience to find interest in what you’re posting and want to share it with others. Make your content stand out against competitors with unique angles, colorful shots, and animated videos. Target your content to what your audience likes to see and what best communicates your message. My rule I tell all of my clients when they reinvent their social media strategy is that your audience should understand what they;re about to experience within three seconds of viewing your content. So, make sure your name, content blurb and imagery are on point.

Engage with your followers and other accounts

If you want your audience to talk to you and engage with your content, then you will need to go out and engage with them too. Reply to message and comments, visit their profiles and throw out a few likes, and use your discover feed to find potential new followers to engage with. Growing your audience is one of your top priorities to gaining higher engagement and growing sales. Plus, creating a personable, consistent brand by befriending your audience is always a good social marketing practice.