January 13, 2020

How to Create a Consistent Brand + a Big Announcement!

One of the biggest downfalls I have seen from many businesses or individuals who try to create a brand is that they struggle to make every aspect of the brand consistent. To many, they don;t see the issue with this, but subconsciously, this causes an interruption between the brand and the consumer, causing the consumer to feel like your brand is illegitimate or that they can’t trust that the product or service you give is consistently good. In order to create a consistent, reliable brand for your consumers or followers, there are a few easy steps you can take to build a strong, unified appearance and message:

Build Brand Standards

Brand standards are the foundation of everything you create around the brand. These should include brand colors, fonts, styles, layouts, logos and more – it should include anything that would be required to stylistically present your brand to the public. Start by creating a working digital document outlining this information to share with others who may need access to this information. Then, as your brand evolves, continue to modify and update as needed to ensure that you can ensure there is a single source, just like you would go to the dictionary to find the spelling of a word.

Develop a Brand Voice

The way you speak to your audience and engage them on various platforms is crucial to connecting and growing on various platforms. Try to formulate a single, consistent voice using keywords and tones for all to use, regardless of what medium you are using to communicate. From email marketing to websites, social media and printed materials, develop a set of keywords that relate to the personality of your brand and focus you messaging around those. This is a great opportunity to create a mission statement (a formal summary of the aims and values of a company, organization, or individual) or elevator pitch (a succinct and persuasive sales pitch) to include in your brand standards that give an overview of who you, as a brand, are.

Use Consistent Design and Images

The look and feel of your brand and platforms are just as important as the words you say. Ensure that the graphics you use on social media fit with graphics you use on your website, digital marketing, and print marketing. How would you feel if Google sent you an email with a black logo versus their traditionally colorful logo, and the email was plain and boring? Would you question if it was authentic or spam? This is how you need to threat the look, voice and feel of your brand across all platforms. Your images should feel cohesive in look and composition, and feel connected to your brand standards and voice.

Focus on One Area of Specialization

In today’s world, it’s so easy to want to do it all. Our communities and culture have been fueled by the power of technology, but it’s really important to find your niche in the market, rather than trying to do too many things. One great example of this is the fall of department stores (one stop shops) for specialty online boutiques that have a hyper focused product or service that doesn’t require you to go to a single store anymore for everything. When you’re writing a blog or creating a product line, keep your focus narrow because it’s better to be great at one thing than just OK at multiple things. If you’re a blogger especially, keep your content focus on the mission that you want to share your knowledge with the world, but focus on what you specialize in. I love talking about marketing, and that’s the main focus of the content I put out on my website. Sometimes I throw in some family and life related content on social media because it shows the humanity behind the business, but I ultimately keep my focus and content around marketing and helping others to improve their marketing skills.

Now it’s time to share the big news! I have heard from all spectrum of clients and readers that they don’t have the creativity to create a brand, nor the money to throw thousands of dollars into designing one, so I have spent the last few months formulating a plan and perfect solution for you! I am so excited to announce the launch of my new semi-custom brand kits! These kits include all of the necessary items you’ll need to get your brand started, including:

A customizable website template in Showit with the option of a WordPress blog

Brand standards document with color codes, font layouts and font files

Stock images and icons to use on your site or social media

Social media templates that match your website for Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest

The new brand kits will launch THURSDAY, JANUARY 16th so make sure to stop by to explore them! I will be launching with three options and be adding more over time. They start at the low price of $250 so no need to break the bank!

Not ready for a full brand kit? No problem, each kit’s website template will be available for individual purchase as well starting at $150!