Life and Career

October 1, 2019

How to Recharge for Better Productivity

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about being a self-driven, productive person, it’s that everyone eventually burns out. If you’re used to the “go, go, go” then you’re bound to go into a spiral that will cause more harm or slow you down more than it would help you. I discovered the hard way that taking a step back to recharge actually makes you a more productive person. This is so NOT my natural instinct, because productivity fuels my success and ultimately propels me to do greater things, but when I started to take a step back and reflect, it had helped me have greater clarity and vision to the future. In our crazy busy lives, I’m sharing ways for you to recharge to fuel your productivity without feeling like you’re wasting your time away.

Don’t Make Any Plans

One day every week, don’t make a single plan. Don’t plan to do any chores, shopping, outings – nothing. Take the time to do something you might actually enjoy without clogging your mind up with thoughts, like taking a bubble bath, reading a book, baking a new recipe, or just binging on some good TV. Giving your mind time to shut down is hard but ultimately helps create greater clarity and re-energize. This is the thing I’ve struggled the most with, simply because I am always on the go mentally and physically, but spending a day home with my husband and my daughter has been the most rewarding of days for my weeks.

Schedule Weekly Tasks

Schedule out your weekly tasks, like grocery shopping and chores, and plan pockets of free time around them. These are great opportunities for you to do something small to help relax your mind, like working out or spending time with family. When you schedule out your week, you’re able to have a better understanding of “go” times and “down” times.

Treat Yourself to Me Time

It’s OK to give yourself a little me time, so treat yourself to a trip to the spa or salon. Get a massage, mail/pedi, haircut, or just get out and go shopping without an end goal. Relax and enjoy the time to unwind, don’t use your phone or check in on anything life or business related, and maybe have a nice cocktail or meal with it.

Listen to Something Inspiring

Whether it’s a movie, podcast, audiobook, or online video, take a few minutes or hours to watch or listen to something inspiring that will fuel your passion without actually working. I love listening to podcasts about business, while mixing in podcasts about random topics on my drive home from work to help keep my mind off of work and tasks while doing such a mundane task.