August 12, 2019

Home Organization Tips After a Baby

The first few days and weeks home with a new baby are so precious, and prepping your home beforehand is a daunting task, even though you’re not sure what to expect. I spent tons of time during naps and downtime reorganizing my house because there were so many things I had to do to make the space more convenient, and a lot of stuff I had to move out of the way to make cleaning bottles and running the home more efficient day-to-day. After going through that learning curve, I’ve put together a few of my favorite tips to organize your home for a baby so that you’re not spending your precious bonding and recovery time spinning your wheels around the house.

Get Convenient Storage Solutions

After our baby shower, I finally realized how much STUFF you have just for feeding the baby and surviving day-to-day. From bottles to cleaners, drying racks and beyond, it added up so quickly and I had to find a space in our small galley-style kitchen for it. With very few cabinets, I invested in a shelf system (aka shoe rack) from Target that looked good with our decor, and a few cute baskets to pack everything out of sight. Now, I have one basket for feedings, one for pumping and breastfeeding, and another for solid food for when she gets a little older.

Create a Bath Bin

One of my co-workers and his wife (who have two kids themselves) gifted us a complete bath bin, including wash clothes, towel, soaps, lotions and toys, and this has been a blessing! We keep this bin under our bathroom sink, so when it’s our daughter’s bath time, all we have to do is pull out the bin and start the bath. When the laundry is done, I put the towels back into the bin for next time and don’t have to worry about collecting everything for her bath nightly.

Store Clothes by Size and Type

I will admit, it feels easier for clothes drawers to get disorganized for babies because their clothes are so small and don’t stay folded well. One way to find what I need quickly without tearing the drawers apart is by only putting clothes she fits into in the drawer and storing other sizes together in storage bins for later based on size. All of her short-sleeve onesies are piled together, while pants, long sleeve onesies, bibs, etc. all have their own separate drawer section or pile. This way, when I know I need a certain item, it’s easy to locate without causing a mess.

Keep a Diaper Changing Station

Keep a few diapers, diaper cream and wipes right at hand next to your changing pad, and store the extras elsewhere or in the drawers below. Make a point to refill the station once a day or as often as needed, and that way, you’re not looking at large packs of diapers or holding up space on top of the changing table that could be precious is a blowout situation.

Keep a Set of Essentials in a Few Rooms

Burp clothes, pacifiers and extra onesies – these are necessities in our house that we use constantly. I’ve learned to keep one of each in our three primary rooms we have the baby in, including our master bedroom, the nursery and our living room, so that we don’t have to constantly be running around the house when we forget something, or scrambling to find it in an emergency. When you use they or they are gone, make sure to replace them so that you don’t fall short when you need them.