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July 11, 2019

Five Apps to Help Stay Organized

With the amount of technology we now posses at our finger tips, it’s well-known that we all rely on apps to house our important information, daily details, and everything we need to function day-to-day. For those of you don’t, you are truly missing out on prime organization tools and resources that can make your daily life so much easier, so I’m sharing the top five apps I use to keep my life completely organized from the comfort of my phone!


If you have projects, or even just chore charts to make, Asana is a tool that will make your life so much easier. Originally designed as a project management tool, it can also be used to manage any projects you have in your personal life, like chores and to-do items. you can create projects, like naming one project after each child and color coding it, to assign chores to your kids, you can put in your to-do items, and if you are an entrepreneur, you can also put your work projects in there. The mobile app is incredibly user friendly and gives you a great overview of what needs to be done, when, and by who.

** PRO TIP: Are you a parent struggling to get your kids to understand their chores and don’t know when they’ve finished them? Use Asana, make them each a user (if they are old enough to have smartphones/tablets), and create a project for each of them, then assign the chores as tasks for specific due dates. When they’re done, they can not only check them off for you to see, but you can have them attach photos and leave notes so that you know when it’s really done or why they couldn’t do something. 


For you Post-It note people, this app is a game changer. Evernote is the perfect app for note taking an organization because you can scan in images of your handwritten notes, add edits, create task lists, and send your notes to others. It also comes with a variety of great templates, from project management to budgets and personal planners. It’s also available as a desktop app for iOS an Microsoft devices!

Save time unsubscribing from unwanted emails and filtering through so many emails per day. easily lets you unsubscribe while rolling your emails up into a daily summary email, so that you can skim the emails you enjoy the most while getting rid of the pesky spam emails.


For you frequent travelers, this app is a life saver to keep you organized. Build out your travel itineraries or forward your e-tickets and it builds your itineraries for you! It’s a great tool to keep your travel plans and documents all in one place on your phone for easy information and access. For those traveling internationally without service, it’s great for accessing travel information offline as well.

Recipe Organizer

Forget traditional recipe books – store it all in your Recipe Organizer app, tag recipes, search based on ingredients and ideas, and create shopping lists easily in one spot to make your life a little easier. My favorite part is that you can also assign recipes to specific dates and create a meal plan for your week or month.