Life and Career

June 28, 2019

Reducing Stress Through Life Organization

Let’s be real for a minute – life can be busy and tough! From work, to family and friends, to changes that happen day-to-day, you never know what may happen when the sun rises each day. Even though life is unpredictable and hard to balance, it doesn’t mean that you have to give into the chaos and try to survive rather than thrive. Help to reduce your stress in life with a few easy tweaks to make your days easier and help you organize life a little simpler.

Keep a Calendar or Planner

If I could count how many times I’ve forgotten a task, appointment or commitment, it would be to infinity and beyond. With so much going on in my mind, it’s easy for me to forget my daily to-dos and places to be, so writing them down somewhere that I can reference quickly, efficiently and immediately made planning my time so much easier. I love carrying around my planner where I can keep track of everything going on in life (I use a custom designed Golden Coil planner in six month increments). Just remember – it takes time to find what works for you. I have tried Google Calendar digitally and probably ten different printed planner options, but ultimately chose the planner I use because it’s completely customizable to whatever I need in life, including meal planning and weekly layouts, and creating it in smaller increments like six months versus yearly allows me to alter my needs more frequently versus being stuck with a planner that doesn’t work for me after a period of time. Give yourself time to find a resource that works best for your life and remember that it can change as your life changes too.

Create a Daily Clean-Up Routine

Maintaining the home is one of the hardest things to do when life gets crazy, but creating a daily routine to straighten up the main parts of your house will make staying on top of the big stuff easier. Here are just a few things I do every day that take less than 20 minutes to finish:

  • Put dirty dishes in dishwasher/empty clean dishes
  • Put away anything left out in living areas
  • Make bed and straighten up bedroom
  • Put a load of laundry in the wash before work, put it in the dryer when you get home, and fold/put away when you go to bed
  •  Wipe down kitchen and bathroom counters
  • Pack work bag and lunch for next day

Completing these tasks every morning/evening helps to set me up for success each day knowing that my house is clean, my stuff is organized and I’m ready for the next day. Sometimes it’s hard to stay in the routine, especially when days are exhausting, but each task takes less than 3-5 minutes, so completing one at a time and checking them off your list will help motivate you through completion to get more done.

Give Yourself Time To Relax

it’s important to have a little grace with yourself and give yourself just as much rest as you do work. Whether it’s cooking, watching TV or spending time with loved ones, schedule time for yourself to refill your mind, body and soul. After all the work you put into your routines and work, you deserve some time to enjoy the rewards of your work and reflect on yourself versus the world around you. I try to push myself during the week to work, workout, and get everything done so I can relax on the weekend and keep them open for fun since that’s often when surprise things come up that need my attention.

Declutter Your Physical Life

I firmly believe that physical clutter feeds mental clutter, and ever since I starting living a lifestyle Focused only on keeping items that serve a purpose in my life, it has truly freed up my physical space to focus on my mental space. Take one day a week to ruthlessly declutter a room in your house. My rules for decluttering our house are easy and if something doesn’t answer yes to any of these questions, it goes out the door:

  • Have you used it in the last 6 months and will you use it again in the next 6 months?
  • Is it sentimental? Can you get rid of it because you have multiple sentimental items from the same person/event?
  • Is it something you need for an important event in the near future?
  • Will you truly miss the item if you get rid of it?
  • Do you NEED the item in your life? Does it serve a fulfilling purpose for your physically, mentally or emotionally?
  • Is it important to complete daily tasks or events?

If any of these questions cannot be answered, get rid of it because physical clutter just causes more stress on you and makes you feel claustrophobic when you feel like life is mentally closing in.