Pregnancy and Motherhood

June 19, 2019

Must-Haves For Newborn Care During Postpartum Recovery

The first few weeks home with your newborn are incredibly tough – not only are you adjusting to your new role as parents, but your body has been through a lot and requires time to recover. Whether you had a surgical or natural delivery, both delivery methods have their pros and cons regarding recovery and you will go through a lot after your bundle of joy arrives, including soreness, pain, bleeding, and maybe even some stitches. Once you get home and the nurses are no longer there to help you, having the right tools to ease into motherhood and your new body are important, so I’m sharing the products that changed the game for me after we had our little girl.

DockATot Deluxe+ Co-Sleeper

Movement was brutal those first few days home – I had two sets of stitches and getting up off the couch was difficult when my whole body ached. Whether laying in bed or relaxing on the sofa, having a co-sleeper was magical because our little girl could sleep and relax right next to me without having to constantly be going to the nursery to tend to her or lifting her out of the bassinet. Having the raised walls also gave me piece of mind that she wasn’t going to roll right off the couch when I wasn’t paying attention.

Pack-And-Play Sleep/Changing Combo

One of the best tips someone gave me while I was pregnant was to set up a pack-and-play in our living room so that we don’t have to run up and down the stairs every time we needed to put the baby down to nap or change her. The pack-and-play we received from our registry was great because it came with a changing table and bassinet add-on, which was perfect for storing changing materials and quickly changing her without stressing my body out going upstairs.

Chicco Bravo Travel System

Between pediatrician appointments and other errands you may need to run, easily carrying and moving your newborn is important, plus those postpartum hormones are going to have your anxiety through the roof! Knowing that you have a safe and secure travel system is important, which is why I love our Chicco Bravo travel system. Not only does her car seat clip into the base installed in our car easily, but I can transfer her car seat and secure it without a base in someone else’s car, or clip it into her stroller easily to go into stores or offices. Now, approaching the end of my recovery process, I love being able to go from traveling in the car to checking out stores, to walking our neighborhood in the stroller with all of the same equipment that works together.

A Good Breast Pump

Having a great pump is essential if you plan to breast feed. When I was struggling to do direct-to-breast feeding with our daughter and it was emotionally destroying me during my recovery phase and hormone changes, I didn’t want to surrender to formula. Pumping became normal for not only providing our daughter with food, but increasing my supply. Our health insurance allowed me to choose our Lansinoh Smart Pump through Aeroflow Breast Pumps and they did all the work! After filling out the qualification forms, they contacted my insurance to confirm what I qualified for and offered me a variety of options to pick from, then they shipped it according to my insurance guidelines in time for our little arrival. I didn’t have to contact my insurance and go through the confusing process myself.

Interested in discovering your breast pump options? Click here to qualify with Aeroflow today and see what you are entitled to through your insurance!