Pregnancy and Motherhood

May 29, 2019

Tips For An Organized Nursery

As a new mama, the one thing I’ve learned is that keeping a little organization in your house feels like a mountain to climb! Between feedings, sleeping, pumping, and remembering to eat and shower yourself, the every day household chores you used to do get forgotten until you are literally climbing over piles of laundry and dirty bottles pile up in the sink.

Your nursery is the one place you’ll end up spending a lot of time in, and maintaining a tidy environment will be important in holding onto your sanity during late night cluster feedings and diaper blowouts. So, before your baby arrives, I’m sharing a few of the things I’ve done in our nursery that can make your parental transition easy and simple while adjusting to new schedules and routines.

Set Up A Feeding Station

Whether breast or formula feeding, having a feeding station ready makes late nights a little more manageable. Put a basket next to where you’ll be feeding and fill it with the tools and necessities you need: bottles, formula (non-perishable only), a water bottle for mom, pumping accessories, and phone charger are just a few things you may need. Your basket needs may change as your little one grows, but having the tools right next to you makes life easier.

Sort Baby Clothes Into Bins By Size

We received so many adorable outfits for our little girl in many different sizes for seasons and ages. I went to Target and bought a handful of small storage bins with lids, and sorted and labeled all of the clothes into growth periods: Newborn, 0-3 months, 3-6 months, etc. Now, as she grows out of one size, it’s easy to put the existing clothes away and place the new size into her dresser or closet.

Create or Buy Closet Size Dividers

Some clothes are just too cute to fold and put in a drawer, and with closet space in your nursery, using size dividers will help you to find those outfits for the right period in your child’s life quickly as they start to move, crawl, roll and walk. Just like the storage bins, it will be easy to transition out old clothes and put in new clothes when you can easily sort them by growth periods.

Use Unique Spaces or Storage Bins For Stockpiles

It’s no secret you’ll need a lot of diapers and wipes, and when we did our baby shower registry, we made sure to register for just that as we knew we’d need them. With almost a dozen packages of diapers and wipes now piled up, finding space to put it all can be overwhelming, but using unique space that would otherwise be a waste or cute storage bins puts the clutter away, but leaves it accessible for when you need them. For us, our daughter’s hand-me-down dresser from my childhood bedroom that we painted and converted to a changing table had a shoe cabinet that was too odd to store clothes, and made a perfect home for diapers and wipes  it also made them easily accessible when we needed them. Another great option is installing a high shelf in the closet and using storage bins to conceal the clutter.

Create Jars or Bins for Small Items

Pacifiers, mittens, teething rings – these small things have a tendency to get lost when they’re spread all around, so use jars and small storage spaces to keep them all together. I can’t count how many pacifiers I’ve lost in our house already during our little one’s first week, but knowing where to put them when we don’t need them or where to grab another when we do lose one makes it simpler. For her nursery, we bought jars and containers from the Target $5 and under section, and painted some to match the finishes in the room.