Baby, Motherhood

April 22, 2019

All About Our Baby Shower

Our baby shower was such a fun celebration of life for our little girl and made me so much more excited to welcome her soon! From the people sharing their advice and love to the amazing gifts people gave, it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and for once I can say it wasn’t because of alcohol! I’m happy to share all the details with you guys as well as some of the exciting photos from the big event!


I am super picky about venue when it comes to events – I always want something unique and different. Our couples shower before our wedding was at Pinstripes, an adult-like bowling alley, and I knew I wanted something just as unique for our baby shower. Although I was starting to get frustrated with finding something outside of a private restaurant banquet room, we ended up going with this location called Embers in downtown Lockport, IL. Even though it was a restaurant private room essentially, it had a different vibe and feel to it with raw, beautiful brick and metal, as well as delicious food, its own bar and lots of natural light. It had a gprivate room to the side with pool tables, games and television for any guys to hang out in. It also had a beautiful outdoor patio they had a wedding on the day prior, but lucky me, I managed to plan my baby shower on a day where it SNOWED in APRIL! Who would have guessed? Plus, I loved the rustic touch with wood barn doors separating all the rooms and the high loft ceilings.

Theme and Decor

I planned this part of our shower because I am so incredibly picky about what I wanted. After finding out we were having a little girl, I knew she was already my little wild flower child and not just your average modern-day princess, so having a wildflower, organic themed shower was exactly what I envisioned. I wanted wildflowers in the centerpieces and I found the cutest little wild bird ceramic sculptures for $1 at Target to accent the wild flower/forest theme. We also used rose gold and forest green accents with hand drawn flowers on all the signs to make it feels feminine but not overly princess-y.

Favors and Food

Food is my favorite gift to give others – it warms to soul and sets the mood for your guests at any celebration. For our favors, we did bundtlets from Nothing Bundt Cakes for each guest in a variety of five flavors, and did a custom sticker on top to match the theme that we printed at home. We also had a delicious lunch buffet featuring our venue’s food, including house salad, rib tips, grilled chicken, pulled pork, mac and cheese, french bread, potato wedges and vegetables. It was so incredibly delicious and was one of the main reasons we picked the venue! We also offered an adorable mimosa bar for people to build their own and our guests loved mixing and matching their own concoctions. The finale of the day was a dessert bar with bundtinis from Nothing Bundt Cakes, cookies, brownies, eclairs, cream puffs and cheesecake bites (cake stands were from Home Goods and the Target dollar section too, saving some serious cash on expensive displays!). I can truly say there were hardly any leftovers for anything by the end of the of the party – even the favors went over so well I never got a chance to snag one for myself before they were all gone!

Fun and Games

After our tummies were full, we played a ton of games to get the party going. We started with some simple items laid out for people to do on their own time, like write on a diaper some inspirational or funny quotes to inspire us during late night diaper changes. We also played a version of The Price is Right, where people had to take their best guess at the price of baby items laid out, and the person closest without going over won. We also did some team baby trivia and my favorite game, guess the name. We had told very few people the name we chose for our daughter, and we gave each team a bag of letters, and they had to guess the name based on a few hints we gave one at a time. Each game’s winner or winners got to choose from a table full of exciting gift baskets to take home, from lavender growing kits to movie night packs and wine baskets that my mom put together. We were all laughing our butts off throughout the whole party from the fun we were having!

Gifts and Registry

I’ll admit – one of my least favorite things on earth is opening gifts, especially in front of everyone. I’ve been on the other side of the table and know how boring it can be watching people open individual gifts and I hate making people sit around. We registered at Target and Pottery Barn Kids (you can read here all about our registry must-haves!), and I can easily say I was incredibly overwhelmed with love by how many gifts our guests brought! We asked each to bring a book instead of a card to build up our baby girl’s library at home, and were surprised by how many unique and sentimental gifts we received, from adorable clothes to all of the finishing touches we needed to prepare for her arrival. I don’t think we received but two duplicate items and we returned so few things because everyone put so much love and thought into what they picked! It was also great to see some of the gifts existing parents gifted us, like diaper and wipe packs, breastfeeding pillows, and bathing basics that will be incredibly functional for our needs.