March 2, 2019

Preparing Our Home For Our First Child

One of my biggest concerns about becoming a mom is safety – as adults, we know right and wrong but babies take their time to learn and grow. Knowing that our little one can play, learn and explore our home without my concern of her being injured or worse is a top priority for me. After a lot of research and talking to moms about what they wish they did or what they wasted their time on preparing their home, I have found that there are some key places that it’s important to be safe, especially to keep your little one in tip top shape.

The Nursery

Our crib is one of the most important features in the nursery. I knew I wanted something cute to compliment the nursery style I wanted, but I also wanted to ensure it was made out of quality materials and had high safety standards to prevent any dangerous situations, like pinching, wear and tear, or even destruction. Additionally, I was looking for longevity – I wanted a product that would grow with the height and weight of our child through their like, converting into a safe toddler and child bed. This is when I found Delta Children.

When I found Delta Children I immediately saw that they hosted the same values any parent has – safety is a top priority, while style and function make furniture a great addition to your home. We ordered the Urban Farmhouse crib in white, and with easy delivery, convenient assembly and high safety standards, they made it easy for me create a safe space for our little one to rest and live. Delta Children’s full collection of nursery furniture makes me feel at ease as a parent that we can enjoy the happy moments together without any concerns of danger.

Living Areas

Outside of the nursery, your living areas are going to the place where you can bond as a family, and making sure that windows, items hung on the walls, small items displayed on tables, and all of the little details of your room are not accessible for your little one to grab, eat, or even stick up their nose! Just taking a walk around the room and seeing from a child’s level what is in eye sight is an important step parents can do to ensure that whatever the child can see and reach, they should be moved to higher ground out of sight and out of mind so there’s nothing breaking or being ingested when it could be a choking or toxic hazard.


When people think childproofing, the kitchen is the first place with knives, fire and cabinets galore. This is actually more simple than you could imagine! Knob covers for your stove, storing dangerous items in higher cabinets, and installing cabinet locks are the best first steps to childproofing your kitchen and locking away any dangerous items that you may use regularly.

Stairs and Off-Limit Areas

Although this isn’t a huge worry until your little is moving and grooving around your home, it’s easy to forget your need for stair gates and door locks until it’s too late. With a husband who works in the firearms industry and is an avid hunter, there is a multitude of dangerous items like hunting knives, guns and ammo around the home, so making sure these items are behind a locked door that is controlled by a key and not by a knob lock will mean that we can control the access as parents, even when our backs are turned. Don’t forget to filter through your hobbies and see what items you use daily that could be dangerous and figure out where to store them to keep them out of reach from little ones around your home.