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February 26, 2019

Delta Children 4-in-1 Convertible Urban Farmhouse Crib

When it came to nursery furniture, there are two qualities that were incredibly important to me: safety and style. I think safety is often overlooked for many when it comes to designing a nursery and I knew that I wanted to create a safe haven for our little girl to grow and play in. I also know I wanted furniture that changed and grew with her, preventing us from having to buy new beds frequently, and Delta Children was a top choice for us!

Delta Children’s foundation is in safety and style, making it was perfect starting (and ending) point in our furniture search. I immediately fell in love with their wide variety of design options from modern and contemporary to rustic and chic, as well as offering a variety of price options to fit any budget. Plus, their wide availability at retailers like Target made them easily accessible to buy in-store if you wanted to.

Once we ordered our crib from Target, we were able to score same-day pick up and had it in a jiff. The assembly was even faster! This wasn’t any confusing IKEA furniture and was so easy to put together, even at 6 months pregnant I could do it myself. The crib was sturdy, but not too heavy, and was simple to assemble and disassemble when we need to convert it in the future. The final style and look was exactly what I imagined for the nursery and from the photos.

Being a 4-in-1 convertible bed, it will grow with her to become a toddler bed and eventually a full sized bed as she grows older, which is a huge benefit to us! I couldn’t be more happy to put our little one in her new bed knowing that she’ll be safe and at home.

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