February 10, 2019

My Favorite Items On Our Baby Registry

I will admit – building a registry is the most interesting and exciting part about planning for a little one. My husband and I didn’t do a product registry for our wedding and opted to do a honeyfund to have the best honeymoon ever, so this is the first time we’ve had to do a registry to collect all the needs and wants for our little girl. I did a little bit of research on the right stores I wanted and what some other moms were saying about the right products they needed for newborns, and I’ve collected a few tips and products that I have fallen in love with from our registry!

Tips for Building Your Registry

  • Pick at least two stores that offer a variety of pricing options for your gift givers. It’s always great to offer at least one national store, like Target or Buy Buy Baby, to give non-local gift givers the opportunity to shop. Double bonus if it offers an online registry option as well!
  • Compliment your more low-end, national registry with a nicer registry for those items that are higher quality or designed to withstand the test of time like Pottery Barn Kids.
  • Include high priced and low priced items on your registry, including clothes, furniture, strollers, and more. Check to see if your store offers collaborative gift giving, meaning that your visitors can gift you a gift card toward a specific item to share the price of larger registry products.
  • If you have a family member or friend who has been a mom before, ask what they wished they registered for or what they wish they DIDN’T register for to help you get the right items on your registry.
  • Check to see if your registry allows you to add items from other websites, like Target, to help you get a wider variety of what you want from others stores all housed in one place for your gift givers.
  • See your store’s registry checklist to make sure you have everything you need for a new baby.
  • Don’t forget to add a few things you want versus need – it’s always nice to get a gift of something cute for the nursery that you love!

My Favorite Registry Items

DockATot Co-Sleeper with Play Arch and Toy Set – 

Pictured: La Vie En Rose Deluxe+ DockATot ($195) with White Deluxe+ Play Arch ($25) and Cheeky Chums Toy Set ($25)

DockATot is one of the most versatile products a mom can have in her arsenal of products because tactical and serves a purpose beyond its value. Not only can it be a co-sleeper and napping station for your little one whether at home or on the go, but add a play arch and plush toys to turn it in a newborn play mat! With a variety of designs and covers, you can wash it, change up the look and transform it based on the growth and needs of your baby, making it incredibly

Check out my review and shop my picks of this product under “My Favorite Products”! 


Milk Snob Covers – 

Pictured: Flamingo Luxe Cover ($38)

Multifunctional is about to become your middle name as a mom, and your products should serve the same purpose. This Milk Snob cover transforms from a car seat cover to a personal breastfeeding cover with soft, flexible fabric, making ideal for the on-the-go family. Plus, with a variety of colors and patterns, you can one that fits your style. I personally LOVE this item and the soft fabric makes it one of my favorite items thus far that we have received! The multi-functional design, quality craftsmanship and variety of colors and patterns has allow us to create just the right look we love for our little girl!

Check out my review and shop my picks of this product under “My Favorite Products”! (link:)

Chicco Bravo Travel Systems – 

Pictured: Meridian ($379.99)

Travel systems are the easiest solutions to moving kids from house to car to wherever you need to go. This specific set offers storage under the stroller, a car seat adaptor to put the infant car seat right onto the stroller from the car, and car seat base, making life a little bit more easy when doing errands or visiting friends. Plus, the ability for this system to change and grow with your needs makes it the best solution, in addition to being easy to use!

Check out my review and shop my picks of this product under “My Favorite Products”!


Lollipop Baby Monitor 

Pictured: Pink ($149.99)

Video monitors are some of the best when it comes to baby monitors, and picking a brand you trust is important. This specific camera offers automatic night vision, soothing sounds and lullabies, cry detection and multiple viewing options allowing you to view your baby’s sleeping conditions without entering the room and waking them up. This set gives you the independence to get your work done without frequent interruptions for check ins. Plus, it all links to a handy app on your phone, eliminating the need for secondary baby monitor screens!

Check out my review and shop my picks of this product under “My Favorite Products”!


Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock 

To any parent dreading doing grocery shopping with a newborn – I understand! I have seen many friends and family members struggling to manage either shoving groceries into their packed strollers or filling the cart around your newborn’s car seat set in the cart. Honestly, this product solves those issues so easily! Either set your baby in the hammock and strap them in or tie the car seat to it securely and you still have all the space below for your serious grocery haul – it’s a winning situation!

Keep an eye on “My Favorite Products” for a review coming soon!


Pop Silicone Pacifiers – 

Pictured: In Teal Life ($9.99)

This might be the most innovative pacifier I have seen – not only does it offer all the benefits as a traditional pacifier, but it’s designed to pop into itself when dropped or spit out to prevent any contamination. It completely eliminates your need to carry dozens of pacifiers and sanitizers with you for that stubborn little one as it grows up, plus the variety of colors gives you all the freedom to customize the pacifier to the child’s outfit.

Some products featured in this post were provided for testing and review purposes. All reviews all authentic from the writer and there are no paid endorsements in these opinions.