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February 10, 2019

Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor Review

There are few things in this world that are true essentials, but anything that makes your life a little easier with a newborn is exactly what we all need to maintain a little sanity. When I found that Lollipop made such a high quality, smart baby monitor, I just absolutely had to have it in order to ease the transition into family life.

One of the features that I love the most is the mobility of monitoring our little one without the need for extra gadgets. So many baby monitors required you to carry around a video monitor with sound on to keep an eye out for the baby to be awake, but Lollipop offers smart technology that links your monitor to your smartphone through wi-fi and their mobile app to alert you when something changes in your nursery. The ability for you to create app alerts for several different situations helps you to maintain a peace of mind, including noise, movement and cry detection, on top of room information like humidity and temperature with the added smart sensor.

The camera has some top features as well that take the need out of buying multiple products or cameras, including night vision, sound machine, 720p HD picture quality, 128 degree view, audio only mode and privacy mode. On top of that, the flexible handle holding the camera allows you to bend it, wrap and mount it to whatever and wherever the ideal location is to keep a good eye on your little one.

Did I mention the mobile app? Having everything in one device that you always have with you anyways makes being an independent parent from your children easier. Plus, working parents have the ability then to check in when their away from home with some peace of mind, unlike traditional video baby monitors. If you need multiple views, the great part is that you can install up to four Lollipop cameras linking to the same app with ease!

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