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February 10, 2019

DockATot Deluxe+ Co-Sleeper with Play Arch and Toy Set Review

Being a super mom trying to achieve a million things every moment is probably the hardest job around, on top of caring for the home, family and work. When on the search for baby products while preparing for our first child, efficiency and convenience was my goal, along with long-term functionality and quality construction with how rough children can be. DockATot was one of the first products that my friends and family all recommended!

This co-sleeper is so multi-functional and give parents the freedom to have their little one close to them while sleeping or completing activities around the home, while also entertaining them with a variety of accessories! I chose the La Vie en Rose Deluxe+ dock for children 0-8 months with the white play arch and toy set, and I already know our little one is going to love this! With a dog running around and loving to play, the raised sides will be important to not only keeping the dog away but also keeping the baby in.

The fabric quality is so soft and I feel comfortable leaving our little one in there so sleep, whether it be in bed with us or nearby napping while I complete a few tasks around the house. My favorite feature is the removable cover, because let’s be real, husbands, dogs and babies can all be quite the mess, so being able to just throw it in the washing machine make it even more convenient!

I will admit, I wasn’t the most thrilled to have a little girl because I am not a huge fan of pink princess stuff everywhere, but DockATot designs allowed me to find both feminine and modern styles to fit my look and the motif I designed in our little girl’s nursery, which made it an even more perfect addition to our home! The designs are beyond standard pink elephants and blue monkeys, perfect for the modern-day parents!

This post will be updated in summer 2019 with more baby-related information. 

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