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January 14, 2019

JORD Wood Watches Review

Elegant, luxurious, and quality – these are just a few words to describe JORD Wood Watches (pronounced Yode – like Yoda without the a). I can’t tell enough people how perfect these handcrafted accent pieces make amazing gifts, especially his and her sets for Valentine’s Day!

There’s something special about having a unique timepiece that every person should experience, and with a diverse variety of options for men and women, you are sure to find something for all tastes. I was never a watch person because they always felt way too bulky or heavy on my wrist, making them distracting and cumbersome, but I truly never discovered a better option until I received my JORD watch. As I prepare for our first child, handling a phone for time often is usually not going to happen and having a watch makes life a little easier all around.

I loved the packing that the product arrived in, making it feel special to me from the first step and truly a touch on my style. The custom fitting option allowed for it to sit just right on my wrist, unlike a traditional watch that can either be too loose or too tight, constantly causing me to fuss with it. They also include a few links to help your watch expand and shrink with you should you need further custom fitting.

The greatest part about this gift option for yourself or your love is that it’s designed to be long-lasting – a true symbol of your feelings toward each other and a constant reminder of the times you share. The uniqueness of a wood crafted watch makes your search for something different for that someone special complete. You can even add a special touch with an engraved watch or watch box to commemorate your love for years to come. Whether it’s for a holiday, or a special piece to commemorate your walk down the aisle together, the quality and sophistication speaks years beyond the price tag.

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