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January 13, 2019

Milk Snob Luxe Nursing and Car Seat Cover Review

There are so many items in this world that make life easier, and as a new mom, comfort and convenience are going to be key when dealing with a fussy, hungry baby. Car seat and nursing covers are some of the best inventions for moms around the world, with the flexibility to be a multitude of things to fit your needs, and Milk Snob has proven to make some of the best (and most fashionable!) available for moms of all styles.

Whether you’re planning to breastfeed or bottle feed, travel or stay at home, or even attempt grocery shopping with an infant alone, Milk Snob covers are one of the most versatile products you could use from my personal experience. I received the Luxe Nursing and Car Seat Cover in flamingo pink and absolutely fell in love at first sight! I will admit, I hate princess pink, but the variety of color and pattern options didn’t make me feel pressured to buy a color for our baby girl that didn’t fit my style, and flamingo was the perfect mix of peach and pink to fit my style.

Don’t get me started on the micro-jersey fabric – soft, washable and stretchy are all words to describe this amazing cover off the top of my head. I can already tell that whether feeding in public or carrying our little girl around in her car seat while napping, I will have coverage I need to make sure she and I are both happy during this transition in life. I immediately put more of these amazing covers on my registry to collect some of my favorite styles and designs! Did I mention that they also carry a variety of matching wraps, swaddles, sheets and more? Talk about a score! This is definitely a must for any mom – new or old!

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