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November 19, 2018

Our Holiday Card Design and the Biggest Announcement Yet!

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OK, anyone who really knows me knows that I eat, sleep and breath the holiday season! There’s nothing that brings me more joy (and stress) than Christmas time, with the beautiful outdoor markets, delicious food, home cooking and family fun. It reminds me of all the beauty in the world when the rest of the year can be so overwhelming. Our Christmas card is our huge kick off to the holidays and this year we shared a very special secret and surprise hidden with in ours – can you see it?

The day is here that I’ve been teasing this announcement for what feels like forever! As you know, I’ve recently taken a step back away from public life and blogging to focus on myself because my husband Jeff and I are taking some huge steps in our life… and with that, I’m excited to say…


My husband was practically born to be a father, and ever since day one, he knew he wanted to be a loving, caring husband AND father in our home. I always thought I’d be the kind of person more career driven than family focused, but my husband and I set ourselves a list of goals to achieve before we considered starting a family, such as financial stability, buying a home, having two cars in good shape, and paying off some debt, and we happily achieved it and could hardly wait for this journey in life!

I’m almost 15 weeks, due May 22, and growing at an incredibly rapid rate! My husband was quite the large baby, and I can already tell this little nugget is taking after him. He or she is currently the size of a radish and is quite the sassy pants – it has dodged the Doppler at the doctor’s office and gives me some wicked symptoms randomly, almost like its daddy, playing tricks on me and teasing me per usual!

We’re only two weeks from finding out the sex of our little one and the anticipation is killing me! We’re both hoping for a boy – my husband is adamant it’s a boy and in my heart I feel like it’s a girl. The old wives tales for gender prediction are pretty split but we’ll soon find out who’s intuition is right!

Stay tuned because I will soon be sharing my first trimester recap all about our decision to start a family, how we found out and how we told our families!