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June 11, 2018

My Four Daily Mantras That Make Me Better Every Day

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It’s easy to get wrapped up in what daily life brings – stress and schedules, not to mention work and socializing. These and all the other aspects of life can bring varying strengths to each person, breaking us down and making us feel unworthy or blind to the wonderful things we have in our lives. We often forget to reflect on the aspects of life we are actually grateful for and take for granted – these are the parts of life that make us happy, fulfilled and feel good inside.

Every day, I wake up reflecting on my four favorite mantras – they remind of who I am, what I am doing, who I want to be, and where I want to go. Every morning when standing in the shower, I repeat these to myself and think about how I can take one more step forward to being a better me through these four paths. I set all my goals around my mantras and can only hope that they can help others to find peace and love in their soul to be themselves each and every day.

“I am beautiful.”

Beauty is not defined by outer beauty. It is a culmination of the whole person, the person that you are on the inside and out, whether or not you appear to meet the beauty standards of society. You find yourself truly beautiful when you learn to accept your flaws, open your mind up for total clarity and seek to just be a better version of you. You find beauty in kindness of words, in grace of actions, and in forgiveness to yourself and those around you. I have acne scars, I have a little extra fluff on my body, and I am not the traditional standard of beauty, but I love myself, I love food and I love feeling authentic to who I am because I am beautiful.

” I am strong.”

Strength does not come from your inability of being knocked down, but from your ability to get up and try again. Never let failure limit you and make you weak. Use your strength to say “Again!” and aim to be better. No one is born being able to walk or talk, but strength and determination make you grow and learn to be better, stronger and wiser. Physically, I can be strong enough at the gym to keep breaking fitness goals. Mentally, I can be strong enough to withstand the daily stress of life. And emotionally, I can be strong to ensure my glass stays full and help support those I love around me.

“I do my best.”

Effort is measured to the individual and often correlates with your strength. Those who have greater strength can often give more to themselves and those around them. Personal progress is a path achievable to all on different timelines. Not all can achieve the same success in the same time period, and no person every will, but when you do your best, you will never feel like you failed. When you fall, and you do your best, you know you must try harder and hence your best will grow. Leaving any situation or day like I feel like I did my best gives me a more positive and satisfied attitude toward the work I put in.

“I am enough.”

This mantra came from a restorative yoga class I take. Learning to appreciate who you are changes the way you approach every aspect of life. You are enough for yourself and that’s all that matters. Others may have varying standards of what best is, but if you cannot say to yourself that you are enough and you do your best, you must ask yourself where your downfalls are and where you can go to achieve these strengths in your life. Once I started to feel like I knew I was enough for myself, I began to build my strength around being a better me for the people I love.