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June 8, 2018

Summer Essentials For Your Going Out Bag

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From girl’s night to weddings and date night, your bag holds of the must-haves for a great night filled with fun and Instagram-worthy photos (obviously!). Clutching the right products make all the difference in enjoying your night and feeling fresh throughout the evening. With our wedding season in full swing, my clutches always become a go-to mini pharmacy with all the right products to keep me looking and feeling amazing all night long!

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MY RECOMMENDATION: L’oreal Paris Colour Riche

Every girl needs a bold, kissable lip for a confidence boost. Whether it’s a satin finish, extra gloss or matte lip, ta great lipstick is the most treasured additional to my evening clutch to keep my look at 100%. From bright and bold during drinks with the girls to soft and romantic not to show up the bride on her wedding day, L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche lipsticks offer a broad and beautiful selection of colors to fit every skin tone with the perfect shade and long-lasting wear.



Sweet or spicy, strong to soft, perfume adds the perfect hint of personality to your night out. The last thing you want to do when busting a move on the dance floor or hanging out on that outdoor patio is give off a little B.O., but carrying a travel-sized perfume with you will keep that at bay. My favorite scent is Saint by Kat Von D because I love the floral notes and sweet scent it gives with the smallest drop.

breath freshener

MY RECOMMENDATION: Listerine Pocketpaks

Keeping your breath fresh is important, even for us married ladies! There’s nothing worse than leaning in for a hug or kiss smelling like coffee, garlic, or worse! Keeping some kind of breath fresheners, like mints or gum, can help boost your confidence after eating or drinking something strong. My go-to is also Listerine pocket sheets – unlike mints or gum, you don’t have to constantly chew or hold something in your mouth for an extended time, and the fresh burst is quick and effective in eliminating those bad, stinky bacteria that can hang around.

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MY RECOMMENDATION: Pore-Fessional License To Blot Stick by Benefit Cosmetics

There’s nothing worse than seeing your makeup slowly accumulate in the fine lines on your face from the oils in your skin, and tissues seem to wipe too much off to make your efforts worthless. Blotting clothes and sticks are perfect for removing the oil and leaving your makeup in tact. With my mixed skin types across my face, I constantly find my pores on my cheeks and forehead becoming clogged with oil causing my skin to break out, but the Pore-Fessional License to Blot mini oil removing stick is the perfect game changer in my clutch to keep my makeup looking fresh all evening.


MY RECOMMENDATION: Revlon Photo Ready Concealer

The whole Revlon Photo Ready collection of products fills most of my makeup bag regularly because of their great quality and longevity, but their concealer is a must. It gives me a smooth touch ups when my under eye bags begin to show and covers those imperfections in a pinch when making a pit stop in the powder room. Avoid packing an oil-based concealer and opt for a dryer concealer, like a stick or powder-finish concealer – this will help prevent greater oil build-up on your skin, making your face into a slip-and-slide.



For years I slaved over maintaining Band-Aids that kept falling off, and when a blister forms on a night out, nothing kills the vibe more than a pharmacy run. PreHeels has been a saving grace of mine for over a year – I bought it originally to get through the endless amounts of weddings we go to. I love wearing cute heels, and nothing is worse than having to take them off because your feet betray you, but PreHeels lets me dance all night long no matter how worn in or not worn in the heels are! I have yet to experience any rubbing or blistering after hours of fun using this.

Note: Some of the products featured in this post were provided for testing and review purposes. All reviews and uses of these products are the author’s honest and true feelings. No opinions are written or persuaded by featured companies.