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May 24, 2018

Travel Destinations Worthy To Top Your Bucket List

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The weather is starting to warm up, and long days in the office with a small window giving me a peek of sunshine isn’t enough to quench my wanderlust. Googling dream travel destinations is at the top of my list each and every day, and I have collected for you the top bucket list-worthy destinations one MUST travel to explore the world!


Havasu Falls has been a long awaited trip for many outdoor enthusiasts of the southwestern United States. In the west routes of the Grand Canyon, this two-day hike requires at least one overnight of camping due to the time it takes to hike from the starting point, but offers the dessert oasis experience with beautiful blue water. I’ve have been dying to make this trip for some time and it’s not going anywhere from the top of my bucket list any time soon!


Very few people see Norway as an escape, but this set of islands offers an oasis from the average life. As an outdoors and fishing area, this more secluded area offers small town vibes and the perfect place to view the Northern Lights without crowds. Plus, imagine kayaking these waterways through the beautiful Arctic summerland of untamed island life!


I am incredible grateful to have checked this amazing island off my bucket list when we were diverted here from Puerto Rico on our honeymoon due to Hurricane Maria. This diving and scuba oasis just off the coast of South America offers incredibly stunning and clear waterways to view some of the best wildlife and coral reefs in the world. During our time there, we saw stingrays and sea turtles larger than any seen in my life! This Dutch-owned island gives incredibly hospitable island vibes with an unhurried lifestyle. If you go, checking out the local farmer’s markets are a must – we found some of the most unique hand-crafted jewelry and delicious cactus liqueur on our trip!


Santorini is the ultimate Greek romantic getaway. This popular wedding destination is vibrant with colorful street ways and the famous blue rooftops. This series of islands built on an actual active volcano gives traditional and delicious Greek/Mediterranean cuisine paired with perfectly made local wine.

san juan

Our primary stop on our honeymoon was this classic island just a hop away from the Florida coast. Walking through Old San Juan was a dream – the historical forts offered a days worth of beautiful and rich views, and the vibrant colored buildings brought the life of Puerto Ricans to the streets with delicious food and drinks around every corner. For anyone looking for a nice getaway without total isolation, this is an amazing urban experience one will never forget!


The Provence region of southern France was one of the most beautiful bucket list destinations I have ever visited. So many years ago, my trip to the quaint towns and lush fields offers a French view that isn’t the standard Paris experience. Beautiful castles adorn the mountainous skyline and the expansive lavender fields is every Instagrammer’s dream! In town, walking through the narrow street markets with fresh baked good and hand-made trinkets give you the perfect opportunity to explore local culture. he pink salt marshes are a sight to see once outside the city, with glowing lakes reflecting peachy hues of color.


As a firm follower of the Eat, Pray, Love mentality, this is one of those places we all could use for our souls. The Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia is one that is quite the trek from our Chicago home, but this UNESCO World Heritage Site brings the heritage of faith to life. Angkor Wat dates back to the 12th century A.D. as a Hindu temple for practicing faith, and now has become a  sacrifice to the earth. It’s crumbling ruins make the historic site even more precious and magical to experience.