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April 25, 2018

Our Living Room Design Reveal!

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Our living room was our last phase of redesign in this minor spring home renovation – I am officially ready for a break as we take on wedding season! Enjoy this beautiful before and after of our humble little townhouse!



There are so many issues I had with our living room before: it was very dark, the yellow walls gave a gross color to everything, and it is very difficult to find the right furniture arrangement to fit our life and maximize the space.



Just a simple redesign and some paint made the whole room so much brighter! The natural sunlight was amazing to have and it opened the room up to more space and gave a greater open floor plan.


Picture Shelf

The 6′ picture shelf hanging above our couch was made by us in our garage from five simple items – two 1″x4″x72″ boards, one 1″x2″x72″ board, 3/4″ screws, stain and polyurethane! Simply screw the 1x4s together in an L shape and screw the 1×2 in the front to keep pictures from slipping, and voila! This was the easiest project ever and only costed us about $15! Finding an exact replica of this was estimated about $75 online.

View this DIY tutorial on how we did it!

Floating Shelves

Just like the custom picture shelf, I had a hard time finding 4′ long floating shelves that were exactly what I wanted. Since I used the same stain on our dining room decor and the picture shelf, I knew I wanted unfinished or walnut colored shelves, which were hard to find for less than $100 each! I decided to do a little DIY and take the project on myself! I’m not much of a craftsman when it comes to wood, but with a little help from the hubby and a lot of Googling, I figured out a way to build this pair of floating shelves for only $20! The fit perfectly under our newly mounted TV and gave a great warmth to the naturally cool grey and blue design.

View this DIY tutorial for how we did it!


Most of the decor items came from our wedding day or were small pieces we collected over the years. The only thing new I purchased were some decorative candles displayed on the shelves from Target on clearance, the hanging frames used to display my dried wedding floral, and some small bottles and faux greenery to make the decor pop! Read more about how to transform your memories into home decor!


In the process, we spent zero dollars from our budget on new furniture! Our coffee table and couch were existing furniture we had in the room (couch from Ashley Furniture and table was custom made by a previous co-worker with the dining room table). The stools under the TV and lamps were existing pieces I pulled from other rooms in our house to serve a better function. The only brand new thing we bought for the room was the television being that we knew we wanted a new, bigger one soon and one that we could mount above the shelves we built. The old iron shelving units from IKEA were relocated to the other side of the room and poof – everything came together!

Check out some my favorite pieces in our new home!