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April 23, 2018

How To Incorporate Wedding Memories Into Your Home Decor

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It’s been 8 months since we tied the knot and all of our treasured wedding decoration, gifts and memories have sat in a large tub in our spare bedroom still! When we bought and started decorating our home, it was important to me that we truly display these things that meant so much to us on our big day, from photos to decor and even our wedding stationery. Now that our living area is complete, I am sharing my favorite ways to capture our love and memories from our special day in our magnificent home!


We all know that flowers cost a pretty penny and our wedding bouquets are something special to treasure forever. My bouquet sat in that bin for months after drying out, crumbling every time I dug in there to find something. I was inspired by Kelly at Passport and Cappuccinos to create my own pressed flower art. She transformed her wedding bouquet into stunning wall art!

Using glass folding frames hung on the wall with some vintage drawer pulls I found, I pressed my wedding floral and placed it in the frame with some scrap lace from my wedding dress for texture and added softness. These frames from Wayfair came in three different sizes (I chose the 10″ in antique copper) and they went perfectly with the modern rustic look I love in our home!


At the end of our wedding as we waited behind the closed door for our send-off, our photographer took a minute to gift us a handful of Polaroids he took throughout the day when we assumed he was taking normal photos. They were amazing and gave us just enough to tie us over until we got our real photos. This was one of the best gifts given to us. Because they’re so small, it took me a while to find something to display them so they stand out. My mom gifted me a set of wood block photo displays that were perfect to fit our style and photos! I placed a few of them around where I felt like they filled that much-needed space, and now we can look back at these special moments forever.


I loved the vintage look of our thank you cards I created, and printed extra to keep, so why not use them as a display piece! I purchased a 10″ and 12″ frame from Wayfair the same as the frames I used to press my bouquet, and displayed them on a large picture shelf I made. It was perfectly complimented by adding some greenery from my bouquet as a background and using the chalkboard from our wedding to create a new sign (from Hobby Lobby). Adding some antique bottles from Michaels and faux greenery that was the same as my bouquet for consistency made the whole shelf pop.


Part of our wedding ceremony featured a candle lighting ceremonies where we joined our families together as one, and that lantern that we featured on our big day is now displayed in our home next to a statue gifted to us with our wedding date inscribed as a reminder of this special moment.

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