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March 5, 2018

Date Ideas For You And Your BFF

Date Ideas for you and your bff.png

I’m the kind of person who gets completely wrapped up in my own schedule, often leaving my poor friends in the wake of the shadow, causing me to not see them for extended periods of time. Times have changed since we were all college roommates and the hardest thing was coordinating our class schedules to make sure we have lunch or study dates everyday set up for the semester. Now that we all have full-time jobs, relationships and have moved to different places outside our little apartment, staying connected is harder and we have learned to make the most of our time together. Finding the right fun will make the most of your time together to make memories for years to come!

Red – Low/No Cost
Blue – Long Distant


Take a trip to a forest preserve or get outdoors to see the local sites. Enjoy the beauty around you, bring a camera to capture some of your favorite shots and commemorate the day with an awesome Boomerang on Instagram (because what day is complete without one?).


There’s nothing better than giving yourself a little TLC. Try mani/pedis or just splurge a little on your favorite thing together. Do something together that you don’t usually do and treat yo’ self to a great day together.


I don’t think a get-together with my girls is complete without an amazing latte and some very extra meal from a great brunch spot. Food is a classic to any girl’s day out. Check out a few of my favorite brunch spots in the Chicago Area!

Chicago: 3 Arts Club Cafe (Gold Coast), The Hampton Social (River North), Anne Sather (Lakeview and Edgewater), Mortar and Pestle (Lakeview)
Suburbs: Farmhouse (Evanston), Egg Harbor Cafe (Multiple Locations), The Craftsman (Naperville), Blueberry Hill Cafe (Multiple Locations), Harvest Room (Palos Heights)


Do you and your BFF share a hobby? Do it together! One of my friends and I both run blogs so we decided to start working together to help get pictures, blog ideas and of course, treat ourselves to ‘extra’ days where we can get good food, drinks and experiences to talk about on the blogs. Live long distance? Have a Skype session together to talk through ideas and help with project ideas.


Take a trip tot he local mall or shopping center to window shop and take in some retail therapy. Try on some ridiculous outfits, or some ridiculously cute pieces. Make the trip funny with thrift shopping and find some outrageous pieces to try on.


Whether or not you’re good with crafting, doing it together makes it even more fun. Pick a project, hit up the craft or hardware store, and give it your best. If it fails, it’s a funny memory you’ll have, but if it’s great, you have something you wanted and created yourself! This is also fun long-distance – challenge each other to see who’s the worst crafter and make matching goodies to keep in your homes. Amp up the aw factor and make your projects for each other instead of yourself.


Take a trip to the grocery store and make a new recipe together. Instead of spending all of your cash on expensive meals out, this will make the experience so much more fun together! Challenge yourself or try making something from a another country, like Italian pasta or Japanese sushi.


The local orchards are a great, inexpensive place to visit, especially in the fall time. Explore the fun activities and of course, snap a few pics together in the scenic surroundings.


Who doesn’t love playing with puppies with your BFF? Take a few hours of your weekend and volunteer together. It can be a lot of fun while doing tons of good for the community. Who knows, you make drive home with a new (furry) BFF!