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February 9, 2018

Seven Ways To Be A More Put Together Person

BB lATEST pOST.pngPeople always say to me that they think I have my s#!t together, but in reality, who does? We’re all humans working to live the best lives possible, and we often lose sight of the meaning of life. We’re all not here to be perfect, but there are ways that you can make yourself feel and look like a more composed individual to better assist yourself mentally, physically and emotionally. Enjoy a few of my favorite ways to look and feel like you have it all together!


I’m sure my husband sometimes wants to kill me because I’m a planner. I like to know all the details, times, dates and everything in between when putting something together. Even something so little as making dinner and grocery shopping requires me to plan out our weekly meals and prepare a shopping list in advance. This type of routine helps me to organize my day, set my expectations and make everything run smoothly. Although life isn’t as according to the plan, it’s OK to know when to go with the flow, but creating a happy balance between the two can help you to be a more reliable person. Knowing your schedule helps you to set plans and be coordinated to ensure successful meetings, events and just-for-fun days.


  • Create a public calendar in your home (dry erase calendars are great!) that everyone can share their important monthly events on, like work schedules, sporting events and doctor appointments. Find a system that works for your family.
  • Plan out your meals for the week and make a grocery list with ingredients for all three meals each day.
  • Create a bucket of note cards that house date night or family night ideas. Dedicate a night to family time and pick an activity from the bucket to add a little spontaneity to a planned evening.


Routines play into planning – being consistent with your day helps not only for your expectations to be set for the day, but also to help others understand how you work. Monday through Friday, my husband knows that I work, go to the gym and make dinner and asking for a weekday date night doesn’t fit into my routine unless we plan ahead. When I workout with others, they rely on me being there and if I didn’t have a routine, I wouldn’t be seen as reliable for showing up. Routine and consistency plan into accountability and being there when it matters for yourself and others.


  • Develop a routine strictly for Monday through Friday, and leave the weekend open for a more free-slow approach to activities. This way, no one feels like they are locked into a full-time schedule.
  • Integrate others into your routine to help you stick with it and reinforce it. Find a gym buddy that will push you to go four days a week with them or go grocery shopping only on Monday nights with your significant other.
  • Create a checklist – list everything you need to do every morning or evening and follow it to help you build a routine. Keep it in a place where you will actually use it.


The way you look is your first impression walking into any room. People visually see you before they hear you speak so creating a signature style that works for you is important. For myself, I like to keep it classy with a twist of modern edge, simplicity and sexiness. Form fitting attire with modest neck lines, retro color combinations and edgy accessories are some things that many can expect consistently from me because that’s the way I like to express my personality in my signature style. Identifying the key words that fit you, and finding a style within those, is what makes it your signature style. Yes, this may seem shallow, but looking put together includes your physical appearance.


  • Find a fashion style that works with who you are as a person. Save social media images and web images for inspiration and reference them when shopping for clothes.
  • Be consistent when purchasing clothes and accessories. Coordinate colors you like and buy neutral accessories to double your outfit possibilities.
  • Buy seasonal wardrobes – pack away seasonal clothing when not in use and change it out to create diversity in your wardrobe throughout the year.


This is one that I definitely slack on from time to time. I have a horrible tendency of reading text messages and putting my phone down without responding. It’s nothing personal, I usually just have a million thoughts running through my minds at once so my attention span dissipates quickly. Being reliable, in contact and responsive is incredibly important to making yourself look consistent and composed. Responding in a timely manner is equally as important and creating the consistent way you communicate helps people to see you as more put together.


  • Schedule coffee dates with friends every month i.e. Coffee with Kelly every 1st Saturday of the month. Not only are you setting a routine, but you’re pre-setting time with people so you don’t forget about them for months at a time.
  • Make it your mission or part of your weekly routine to call or text someone you haven’t talked to for a while.
  • Comment and like other peoples’ posts on social media more often. Create encouraging posts that let people know you’re thinking about them.


Signature style, check. But what about yourself, like hair, makeup, nails and accessories? Treating your body as well as your material belongings is key because your body is a representation of you. If you look like you just rolled out of bed, it will be hard to take anything else seriously because you don’t take the time to give yourself the attention and detail needed to sell, yourself. Put some time into maintenance, like washing your face regularly, styling you hair instead of messy buns every day (men, trimming your beard), and even wearing perfume or cologne. Depending on what your style is, find a way to care for yourself in that. This also helps with confidence because I personally feel more ready to take on the day when I look my best from head-to-toe.


  • Treat yourself to a mani-pedi once a month.
  • Don’t budget on haircuts. Spend a little extra to visit a salon versus the cheaper alternative.
  • Create a skincare routine that works for your schedule. A simple cleanser can go a along way with making your skin glow.
  • Find bags, jewelry and shoes that are neutral enough that you’re not constantly having to buy each for just one outfit, but stylish enough to stand out. Invest in higher quality pieces rather than multiple low-quality single-outfit accessories. Your closet space will thank you.


Your home is your den and salvation. It’s the one place we feel like we can just let go, but you have to remember that you;re constantly welcoming people into it, whether it be professionals or friends and family. These people all formulate a holistic opinion of you based on these factors and it’s important that your home is also a representation of who you are. We all have that friend who’s home is just a couch, a few old blankets and a television – don;t be that friend. Add a flair of you to your home with decor and keep it well maintained. Pick up your clothes, wash dishes and make your bed every day, dedicate a day every week to more deep cleaning tasks like vacuuming and laundry, then make sure that all of your belonging s are organized in a way where they aren’t falling out of the closet every time you open it.

One of the greatest journeys I’m embarking on in 2018 in simplifying my life, and that starts with my home. After reading Emily Ley’s A Simplified LifeI have truly taken to heart the importance of minimizing stuff for maximizing life which plays heavily into me feeling and looking like a more put together person.


  • Use budget stores and clearance sections to style your home. They may be cheap, but you can make them your own. Thrift shops, hobby stores (like Michael’s or Hobby Lobby) and large stores like Target often have create sales items that can be transformed for your style with a little paint or design.
  • Use online platforms like Pinterest or design shows to find what style really speaks to you. Create a virtual inspiration board with photos you love and shop pieces similar. Don’t have a big budget? Try DIY’ing something like these nightstands to fit your style.
  • Create a daily routine to maintain your home: Every morning, load the dishes in the sink in the dishwasher, throw a load of laundry in the washer and pick up anything laying on the floor. Every night, create a second routine: put clothes in the dryer before dinner and fold them after dinner, unload the dishwasher and prepare your needs for the next day.


The biggest issue is that people lack confidence that they can be this kind of person. They lack the skills to be creative, organized and fashionable, but these are all skills that can be learned. Truly, the only person holding you back from being a better you is you. With the internet and mobile technology, you can find any resource you want at any time of the day to make this journey easier and more efficient.