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February 3, 2018

Why I Picked Up A Side Hustle Outside My Full Time Job


I think we can all agree that life is demanding, and at a young age, we quickly learn the value of a dollar. Our twenties are a time to explore the world and learn greater knowledge, but we can all agree the life-changing moments of this decade don’t come cheap. Falling in love, getting married, buying a new car, investing in a home, or even having kids – everything requires additional money that we all know we don’t have, but life doesn’t wait for us or that new job we’re hoping for. I started my first side hustle two years ago and haven’t stopped since, and you can do it too to save for those important life moments.

To me, there are three qualities you need to have to be successful in a side hustle: passionate, self-motivated and hungry. By hungry, I don’t mean lacking food, but I mean needing something more than you have now, like more money or something more to do. But, of the three, self-motivation is most important. It’s up to you to determine if you’re going to do a side hustle, and we all know you’re tired after a week of work and love sitting on the couch all weekend, but only you can get yourself up and work.

When I started Sarah Elizabeth Custom Designs, I was following my passion for design and weddings to do something that I couldn’t find as a bride: a custom stationery set without the expensive price tags. It started as more of a passion project than a money generator, but this small side business in now starting year three and my revenue for a few hours a week has brought almost an additional $10,000 to my pocket annually. Turning your passion into a side hustle doesn’t mean you have to quit your full-time job, but if you love what you’re doing, you don’t feel like you’re working a second part time job and you might as well benefit from it.

Don’t have a cool, creative skill set to share with the market? Don’t worry, there are tons of ready-to-join side hustles out there for everyone. My husband and I recently started driving for Uber Eats. An extra 5 hours of work each week for one of us brings in about $100 and it pays direct deposits weekly, making it easy for some quick cash. You can also create your own schedule, turning on your app when you feel like it, and taking that sick day when you don’t. I love doing this job in my spare time because it’s thoughtless and effortless – pick up the food, drive to the house, and drop it off. That’s it and the money is all electronic so no cash or card handling. Sometimes, it’s not about personal growth and following your passion, but helping others with something so simple as delivering food.


The extra money each week with our side hustles has helped us to save up for a new house, pay off some debt, and save for our future. Some people have asked if I have ever felt ashamed of having a side hustle – mostly referring to the fact that it may appear to others that we’re suffering financially to need to work all week long – but to be honest, we have never felt that way. We are doing what’s right for our family. Our usual salaries for our 9-to-5 jobs work for us to pay for a roof over our head and the things we need in life, but our side hustles give us freedom to pay off those big bills faster, get the things we really want, and do things we love, like travel. There’s no shame in doing a side hustle, especially since my husband and I work opposite schedules some days, and it gets us out of the house when we’re home alone. Embrace what life has given you and hard work will pay off with reward.

See my favorite side hustles that you can sign up for!

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