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January 31, 2018

My 2018 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

From your husband, to your dog, to everyone in between, Valentine’s Day isn’t just a day to treat the one you love the most. It’s the one time anyone can share heart-shaped everything and be overly gushy because we all love someone, and that’s great! See a few of my favorite gifts for your special someone (or yourself) to give this year.



The Traditionalist – Flower Arrangement
Because what girl doesn’t love to receive a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers?

The Homebody – Tea Sampler Set
A cozy night in sounds just perfect, and sampling a few new tasty teas makes the whole night a little more warm.

The Hot Mama – Adore Me Lingerie Subscription Membership
Spice it up and give your significant other a little sexy pep in their step… plus you get to enjoy the benefits too!

The Fashionista – Stitch Fix Personal Styling and Clothing Subscription Gift Card
Make your girl feel good with some threads handpicked by a personal stylist and delivered straight to her door!

The Stresser – Life Around 2 Angels Bath Bombs
A hot bubble bath sounds amazing, but isn’t complete without these fizzy favorites. With real flowers inside, they make every bath feel magical.

The Long Distancer – Homesick Candles
Let’s be real, the smell of home never leaves your memory, but these candles make your new home feel a little more comfortable.



The Traditionalist – Heart-Shaped Cookie Cake
Cake is so overrated, but cookie cakes are double the fun!

The Homebody – Gin Making Kit
Because if you’re going to home, you might as well enjoy a few of your favorite things.

The DILF – BirchboxMan
Sculpt up that beard and finesse your style with some beauty secrets strictly for the man in your life.

The Fashionista – Whisky Barrel Wood Watch
Whisky and watches? What a combo! This unique gift is sure to wow.

The Stresser – MiniPresso Espresso Maker
When you’re on the go, cut your time in half and take the brew with you.

The Long Distancer – Out Of This World Donut Kit
When you’re far away, a little taste of home makes your day a little easier.



The Puppy – PupBox Subscription Box
Always on the go and getting into new things, help your poppy along with some of the best things on the market.

The Toy Abuser – Bully Make Subscription Box
Our pup is a pain with ripped toys everywhere, but her tough heart still deserves love. Give the gift of the toughest surprises out there for your bully.

The Furry Jerk – KitNip Box
Let’s be real, cats are kind of like that uncle who doesn’t have a filter, but we still love them! So gift them with something to entertain!


Bombshell By Victoria’s Secret Perfume
Sexy, mature and desirable – don’t we all deserve to treat ourselves to that?

A New Phone Case
Because fashion isn’t just about the clothes we wear, but the accessories we carry.

100% Pure Bright Eyes Undereye Mask
Brighten your look with a little something to take those late-night bags away.

A  Makeup Shopping Spree
It’s the perfect time to toss out that two-year-old lipstick for some new shades.



The Boss Babe – Kate Spade Let’s Do Lunch Business Card Holder
On the go and always working it, this little piece of sassy is perfect.

The Soccer Mom (Who Needs A Break) – Stemless Travel Wine Glass
Let’s be real, taking a glass of wine to a game isn’t the weirdest thing you’ve seen.

The Home Lover – Bedside Smartphone Vase
The smell of fresh flowers in the morning makes the annoying alarm a little more tolerable.

The Office Right-Hand Man – Compliment Pencils
We all deserve a little high-five to ourselves every so often.

The Coffee-Jacked Shopper – Large Funny Target Mug
A Target Run isn’t a Target Run unless you walk each and every aisle (twice).

The Makeup Guru – Sephora Favorites Selfie Kit
Make your Instagram photos on point without the filters!


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