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January 19, 2018

The Top Spring 2018 Trends For Your Everyday Closet

Taking a runway look into real life is super hard – let’s be real, half those things I wouldn’t even walk out of the house wearing because they’re so out of this world, but transforming them into daily fashionable clothing is possible! These spring 2018 trends can be translated into timeless, stunning pieces that you can use in your everyday closet while being the (positive) talk of any party!


Runway denim

Retro meets modern is the new look coming from the bottoms market and high fashion denim is making a huge comeback. Out with the traditional skinny jean and in with the wide legs, high waist lines and chic looks. Diversifying the denim industry is bringing back some reminiscent looks from the ’70’s and ’80’s that bring edge and sexy you can’t get with plain, old skinnies.



runway color blocking

Solid colors are more hot than ever, and spring is the perfect time for embracing color after the drab winter. Bright colors, like fuchsia, yellow and cobalt are going to be big with no patterns, or even in striped outline.



runway transparent

Sheer is chic and transparency is making a huge wave this year. You’ll start to see more outfits embracing the bareness and accenting it with cute undergarments, like bralettes, or fashion jewelry. Although you probably won’t be rocking a full sheet ensemble, bodysuits and sheer lace are two very common wear pieces to take your outfit to the fashion level.



runway tulle

Tulle is usually a fabric reserved for weddings and wedding- like occasions, like showers, but it’s making its way to high fashion this spring. Now, you don’t have to wear a massive tulle choker to stand out, but this look is definitely for the softer, more feminine looks, like skirts and sheer tops.




runway white.jpg

This trend is a mix of a few different ones we already talked about, but the white plays well off the transparency the many designers are seeking in spring 2018. Lace, patterns and sheer backgrounds became a huge theme and white is here to stay as a refreshing color coming out of winter. Although, you still shouldn’t be caught dead wearing this to the spring and summer weddings!



runway floral

“Florals? For Spring? Groudbreaking.” – Meryl Streep says it best. Florals will never be out for spring, but constant revolution of the patterns is what keeps them fresh. You’ll start to see larger, more diverse floral patterns from your mom’s daisies coming to the market, with particular visions of more Nordic and European styles inspired by Eastern European culture.