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December 27, 2017

Transforming Your Current Wardrobe Into New Looks For 2018

2018 is a time to make the new year your b%#ch with new fitness routines, diets, and my favorite, new clothes. Transforming yourself is the natural choice for New Year resolutions but you don’t need to kill your pocketbook (or credit card) to feel new and fresh. Creativity is important to transform your current pieces into something different, unique and fashion forward. With a much more minimal investment, you can become the fashion icon with your friends and coworkers in 2018.

Backless Red Midi Dress From Day To Night

As a woman in business, it’s easy to go to the blouse, bell bottom slack and basic heels day-to-day, but buying pieces that integrate into casual and business life has truly transformed my wardrobe. Simply changing out the jacket and shoes for a plain dress makes it business, night out and formal ready. See how I transformed the Va Va Voom Wine Red Backless Midi Dress from Lulus into three different looks.

Standard Black Pants and White Tee Shirt Turned Modern

untitled-21.jpgEvery girl likes to be casual from the day-to-day, and with jeans or leggings, these outfits are perfect for running errands, hanging out at home or even a quick coffee shop study sesh. A comfortable pair of boots or flats, cozy jackets and cardigans, and even big blanket scarves make these outfits perfect for the comfort seeking ladies. See how I transformed this simple white tee shirt and black jeans combo into three casual styles.

Grey Stretching Midi Dress For Three Season Wear

untitled-31.jpgThis grey dress was one of my favorites this year and is so timeless that I plan to wear it even more in 2018. It’s thin enough for fall and spring weather but works well with many layers for winter dress up. Whether it’s dressing the outfit down with flat boots and a vest for the casual brunch date or adding thigh high boots for a sexy little look, the grey Modern Marl Bodycon Midi Dress from Lulus adds the perfect frame for styling it up with any accessories.

Transformation Tips

  1. Add new shoes to accent different styles – a large necklace or certain shoe can change the whole look of your outfit. For more casual, go flat footed with a flat, sandal or flat boot. For a night out for a touch of formal or sexy, add heels or high heeled boots.
  2. Change up the jewelry – different colored jewelry, including metals, gems and styles, can really make each outfit different in look. A large gem necklace will set a more formal look than a simple chain with a small dangle.
  3. Add layers – Different layers like jackets, vests and pants can take a look into another dimension. Changing out an army-style jacket for a leather jacket can make it sexier or edgier.
  4. Find your style in new pieces, but hold strong to neutral, transitional pieces – When I buy new clothes, I always think “How many different places can I wear this?” Often, I look for pieces that I can wear at work, out at night or on a casual day, although not every piece can fulfill that. The more categories the piece can fulfill, the more you’re likely to wear it. My favorite formal jumpsuit is great, but I can only wear that a handful of times annually versus a cardigan that I can wear in multiple different occasions.