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December 12, 2017

Dress Like a Boss: Winter Event Wardrobes with Rent the Runway

This time of the year opens us up to a huge variety of life and business events with different style demands, and most of our wardrobes are littered with sundresses and cute outfits for warmer weather. Opening your closet for a winter event can be a daunting task, and it’s hard to justify spending so much for an outfit when it’s only meant for 3 months of the year.

Rent the Runway has been a message from the heavens when it comes to contemporary, seasonal fashion for any event! Simply find the item you love, rent it, receive it and ship it back! Forget long store trips and trying multiple things on trying to find the right outfit. Know your style and find something that works for anything! Explore of few of my favorite high and low priced picks for the events you may encounter this winter season!


There are two things you can predict from a winter wedding: it will probably be indoors in a ballroom or nicer venue, and it will probably be a little bit chilly, especially if the ceremony and reception are at two different locations. Winter weddings let you break out the satin and nicer gowns, while accessorizing with fun things like fur coats and gold jewelry. Take advantage of layering and wear an outfit that allows for you to shed layers when you’re hot from tearing up the dance floor or cold when outside traveling to the event.


Just because it’s a party, doesn’t mean you can be any less professional. If you have personal relationships with your coworkers, than riskier dresses may work but for the majority of us, keeping your professional coverage while maintaining style can be tricky. These two looks offer a little bit of pizzazz from the normal office attire but still remain classy for the holiday soiree.


Not all of us have a formal get together to attend, but fashion may be equally important at your family events. Those formal dinners at your aunt or grandparents’ house can be a battle of “who’s life is the best” so put your best foot forward with a fashion statement outside the tradition ugly Christmas sweater.


Let your wild side roam and show a little something-something for your night out on the town. These two looks let’s you show off those legs you love and even a little sparkle to make you stand out in the crowd! Longer sleeves help to fight the winter blues, while keeping the rest of your goodies a mystery.


To learn more about Rent the Runway, visit their website and start exploring your dream dresses at discounted prices!