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December 1, 2017

The Best Hair Products of 2017

At one point, I totally surrendered and failed to even try to care for my hair, but finding the right stylist truly made a huge difference to my routine and I now feel stronger and sexier than ever in my hair! My stylist at the salon near my home introduced me to so many great products that have revolutionized the way I treat my hair. Below are a few of my favorites that keep my hair voluminous and flawless all day!

Hair Revival – Trisola Hair Care Treatment (Price Varies: Approx. $180.00-$200.00, Professional Service Recommended)

Trisola truly revolutionized my life. My mom actually introduced it to me through our11377441_779631898824301_1390661385_n.jpg mutual stylist – we have been “blessed” with naturally insane frizz which causes equally insane amounts of damage on the regular. In addition to that, my curls are straight out of control.

The few hours it took at my professional stylist to get the Trisola treatment was tiring: washing, treating, washing, straightening, etc. It’s not a quick process but it delivers results almost immediately. The treatment not only took the frizz right out of my hair, but creating straight, shiny locks I only could dream of having. And did I mention, this treatment lasts up to 6 months!? It’s been three months since my last treatment and a quick blow dry gets my out the door: a routine that I’ve never had a day in my life. My hair does not frizz anymore when it’s humid or rainy, and my style stays in tact all day. This treatment is truly from the gods!

Style it – Chi Flat Iron 3 in 1 Iron ($89.99, Target)

I hate the clutter of so many hair appliances: straightener, hair curler, hair wand, blow dryer and tons more! The less, the better, and the Chi 3 in 1 iron brings a few of the essentials together. Straighten, curl or wave with the 360 iron featuring a 1″ ceramic barrel. Cut back on the clutter and simplify your routine with one tool versus three.

Give it Texture – Amika Un.Done Texture Spray ($24.99, Sephora)

I originally received this product in an Amika gift box from the influencer community, and I immediately feel in love. Once I chopped four inches off my locks and went for the shoulder-length Julianna Hough look, this became a staple in my routine. Yes, it’s a little up there on the price meter, but it’s the first product I have received complimentary that I will vouch 100% for – if your a beach wave babe like me, the Amika Un.Done texture spray give my hair the hold, volume and texture needed to withstand Windy City days and office insanity.

My hair typically is very flat and can fall easily due to the Trissola treatment making my hair want to defrizz, but this spray offers a support in my roots all the way to my ends, keeping the look in place. What’s great is that it’s also salt-free, so you don’t feel the constant graininess or smell you would expect.


Keep the Look in Place – Vavoom Freezing Hairspray ($17.50, Ulta)

Once again, my mom has converted me to a hair loyalist with this hairspray. With side swoop bangs, hairspray became a daily must and it was hard to find one with a  strong hold, but that didn’t great the hardened feel you get with hairspray. Vavoom quickly became the answer: it gives me bounce and texture to run my fingers through without any of the build up and hardening of normal hairspray. It’s a perfect quick final touch for any style, especially after the Amika Un.Done texture spray!

Deal Alert: Ulta runs frequent promotions for Vavoom, including buy two get one free!