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November 30, 2017

My 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Hot cocoa by the glowing fire and nutmeg all around – the holidays are here! Shopping every year finds its way on the bottom of my list as I hop my way from parades to parties and decorations, and I’m sure we can all agree that we wait until the last minute to find gifts for those people who seem to never have an idea what they want. Well let me help you out there with a few of my favorite gifts for people who are incredibly hard to shop for!

The College Student – Rocketbook Smart Notebook ($34, Rocketbook)

This nifty notebook is something I wish I had in college! I can’t count how many notebooks were trashed and notes were lost. Well, Rocketbook is the answer. Take notes using any pen, scan the QR code for a digital picture of the page to be downloaded to a digital drive, like Google Drive or Dropbox, and simply microwave the notebook to make the ink disappear! Perfect for storing and managing your notes in college without dozens of notebooks or distracting laptops!

The Macho Man – Man Crate ($24.99+, Man Crates)

These are perfect for the burly hunk in your life. Jerky samplers, grilling tools and even zombie survival kits – these gift crates bring masculinity back into gift giving. The huge variety of options they give are perfect for any budget and type of man, from lumberjack outdoorsmen to clean shaved business men. Give them something they’ll really use or gift them with a unique gift card to find what they want – they’ll have to use their muscles to break the concrete block with provided hammer to get the card!

The Fitness Fanatic – Motiv Fitness Ring Tracker ($199.99, Motiv)

Clunky wrist monitors are a thing of the past – invest in something lightweight and simple that’s not a distraction from your usual daily style. The Motiv finger ring tracker is designed for the minimalists who hate traditional and it’s crafted for the fitness buffs with super strong titanium. Motiv is waterproof, compact and easy to charge, while measuring your daily activity, heart rate, steps, calories and more! This is definitely something I would add to my wishlist!

The Chef – Instant Pot Pressure Cooker ($99.95, Amazon)

This is a dream machine – as a crock pot and pressure cooker in one, in makes your meals come to life in less than half the time! It’s programmable and makes entertaining this holiday season even easier. From the mini 3 quart to massive 8 quart models, you can make an size meal or treat in this handy, compact appliance.

The Introvert – Snow Day Kit with Hot Cocoa, Toppings and Knit Blanket (~$20.00, Starbucks; $1.00 each, Target; $48.00, Target)

A “night in” sounds just about right this season with the snow falling and the fire roaring. If you’re a DIY’er like myself, I love putting custom handmade gifts together for someone to make it just that much more special, and a cocoa kit is the classic night in. Pick up some of your favorite novelties from your local Starbucks or any coffee shop your receiver likes, including a mug, cocoa mix and maybe even a few single serving sizes of your favorite “little nip”, like Bailey’s or Kahlua from the local liquor store if they’re over 21. Grab a few complimentary toppers from Target, like these absolutely adorable chocolate cocoa toppers in various flavors, and a marshmallow stirring stick. Pack it all up in a basket and add a cozy blanket to make any snow day complete.


The Kids – Jetson Jupiter Scooter with Lights ($29.99, Target)

This thing will make any kid the talk of the neighborhood. I wish I could have had a scooter this cool when I was a kid (is it normal to want one as an adult?). Any kid would love to whip around the neighborhood on this bad boy.

The Crazy Cat Fan – The Cat Game ($19.99, Target)

This hysterical drawing game for cat fanatics takes you into the world of CATegories. Like pictionary, draw a card and sketch it out for others to guess – but don’t forget to include a furry friend cut out in the picture! It’s sure to be a PURRRRfect time with family and friends!

The Party Animal – Cards Against Humanity ($25.00, Amazon or Target)

Yes, we are all terrible human beings for playing this game, but it’s definitely a party starter as a game for horrible people! Personally, I own and love this game – It’s a stable at our family holiday parties. Every time we pull it out, we either laugh until we almost soil our pants or until we run out of breath. Just like the classic Apples to Apples, a dealer draws a card and other players must submit a card to finish the sentence or answer the question. Can you control your wild side? Warning: There is plenty of “adult vocabulary words” so please be cautious for whom you purchase this for.