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November 5, 2017

First Look: Hearth & Hand with Magnolia x Target

Target is infamous for bringing high end design to an affordable price with a twist. Chip and Joanna Gaines planned their Hearth & Hand with Magnolia collection launch just perfectly, in time for holiday cheer and dinner parties. Together, this collection is clearly something in the market bringing farmhouse modern to an affordable price without a full Fixer Upper reveal.


Products and Shelving

Most stores had a large display – unfortunately the one in my area was a lot lighter when it came to making a presence in the store and was pushed aside with the modern decor section, making it hard to distinguish the brand from Target branded items.

The actual product line was wonderful – Some of the items seemed familiar to other stores, but made at a more reasonable price for shoppers. The patterns were classic with a modern, simplistic twist, and they did a great job of carrying the patterns across multiple items and mediums. My favorites were the stockings since they weren’t the traditional, cheesy red and green, and were made with diverse, quality fabrics.

Also, the wreaths! I was dying at how unique they are. I was just telling some people the other day how hard it is to find a seasonal wreath that isn’t pine or needles. These are just flawless for the alternative holiday celebration that is more modern and less traditional. I also love the pattern diversity – each one is very different and not traditional holiday styles. A special shout-out to the cookie cutters and ornaments that bring modern into all aspects of the design.

What I Bought

I tried so hard not to go crazy – I really wanted one of everything! But I went for things I really needed. We recently were gifted a new beautiful set of white china with gold trim from West Elm (almost identical to the plates in the Hearth & Hand with Magnolia collection) and found beautiful striped napkins and pot holders to accompany them. Additionally, I purchased an antique gold framed ornament – Every year in our house, we buy a photo ornament to capture a moment we were grateful for this year on our tree, and this gold ornament was just perfect to match our wedding photo since we used similar gold accents in our wedding.

I loved the two sizes of pot holders ($5.99) since they matched the napkins and had a leather accent hanging loop. The napkins ($9.99) came in a set of four, perfect for a dinner party in our small dining room. Overall, I am thrilled at the quality of the products and am interested in seeing how their longevity holds.

Final Thoughts

I was a little disappointed by the way my local Target handled the launch – there was minimal public relations and they put it in the back corner between the modern decor section and grocery. I would definitely invest in more of the collection in the future! The collection is a nine out of ten, but the customer experience was closer to a seven.

Overall, I am surprised by the diversity of seasonal products and am excited to see what each season holds for this collection. Most pieces are perfectly transitional through multiple seasons, so it doesn’t feel like you’re wasting your money on something you can only use for a few weeks per year.