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October 25, 2017

Defining Boss Babe

For many years, my friends have added that simple “#bossbabe” to their Instagram posts of blazers and lattes on their way into work, and I always shook my head at the idea that someone could call themselves such a term. At the time, we were college kids with no concept of what life held for us except that tests were hard, but we partied harder. Were we true boss babes? Hardly. It took years for me to explore what this truly meant and why these women opted to embrace it when their definition hardly fit the words they were inscribing in the simple hashtag. Finally, I have felt it; I have embraced the feeling of what it means to be a boss babe.

For many years in your 20’s, you often feel like life is falling apart – student loan debt, the crumbling pressure of marriage and babies, the “you should by now”s that older generations explain, and the relationships you hold all pushing you into deeper stress spirals. But it’s like it clicked overnight. All of the people telling me “life gets better” were right after all. It was like I felt the pressure subside instantly because I opted to embrace the now and the reality that life is never perfect, but your reactions speak louder to who you are than words.

In the last two years, moving back to my home state, planning a wedding, and trying to move my way up the corporate ladder all became something that I found were not supporting who I was because I wasn’t reaching my expectations in the time I was told I should. I found myself becoming this negative person I didn’t want to be, and it was impacting my life around me. Then someone did a “#bossbabe” again on some pointless photo post and I felt defeated. I felt like I could never be the boss babe people looked up to because these other people were doing better than me.

I woke up one morning determined – determined to change myself to be what I wanted to be. I wanted to be physically, mentally, and emotionally positive toward life. I wanted to see the beauty in walking outside everyday and greeting the day like a wonderful challenge. It first started with how I felt in my body: I ate healthier, I found a fitness routine that mentally and physically stabilized me, and I started buying the wardrobe I wanted to wear, not what others told me to.

Mentally and emotionally, I shed myself of the stress of negative people and began simplifying my life from stuff and projects that were not good for me. Negative people and language have no place in my life, as they just continue to bring one down, and embracing those around me who brought hope became the best soothing treatment for my mind.

Now, some time later, I wake up everyday to the joy of what the next 24 hours will bring me. I feel confident in the career as a leader, I feel positive in my body even though I am still motivated toward greater change toward healthiness, and mentally I feel prepared to take on challenges that life throws at me. That’s what being a boss babe means and that’s what I chose to embrace throughout life to continue my path to personal success.

Everyone has the opportunity to change their lives. If you’re not happy, it important to reflect on what you can do to make each day more productive and positive for you. Too many fear that change requires resources and money, but that’s not true and that’s my mission here. I am here to show you how to be a boss babe when you feel like you have nothing left out there to take your life to the next level. Step number one: set yourself a goal, and know that you will achieve it. Set no timelines or expectation, and know that the journey is more important than the result. Begin by enjoying the little things, like a hot cup of coffee or the changing leaves of fall. Those will make your eyes open to wonders of life.


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