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Marketing in today's world is so hard - whether you're starting a business or an influencer looking to connect with your audience, building the right brand and marketing strategy is essential to creating a community. 

From websites to logos, social media and beyond, let me help you to build a strong foundation to bring your business to success. I'll help to build and execute a custom marketing strategy and brand for your business or platform. 



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In the midst of my twenties, I found myself stuck in a place where I wasn't moving my career forward. I couldn't figure out how to grow, because after several years, I have mastered my skill level. As a result, I began a blog and focused on growing my social media presence to hopefully drive a new passion for sharing knowledge with the world.

Several years later, I am now a marketing consultant, influencer, guest speaker, blogger, graphic designer and educator aiming to give others the knowledge I have to build their own marketing strategies and have a success brand in today's challenging world. 

My passion lies deep in entrepreneurship - having started my first "business" at a very young age selling hand-made jewelry and crafts - so I understand the passion and drive rooted in small businesses and influencers to help them formulate a strategy that works for them. I have dedicated my career to being a client advocate - I will always make decisions based on what's best for you and represent your best interest. 

Marketing is a diverse and difficult area of business if you’re not well versed in it. What I’ve come to learn is that a lot of my clients can run a business, but they get completely lost in trying to market because it’s not an area they have a lot of knowledge in. With so […]

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Branding plays an incredibly crucial role in the customer journey in today’s modern society because it drives the visual and emotional relationship between the customer and the business. Whether you’re a solo team as an entrepreneur or part of a larger organization, having branding that is ‘on-point’ with your audience, products and business can be […]

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Many businesses that I talk to struggle to keep up with their social media. They have in-house marketing experts, but don’t have the resources to hire someone exclusively focused on social media. And influencers especially are one-person teams, so it takes all of their time to curate and manage social media content, but they struggle […]

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As an influencer, working with brands is a great way to monetize your following and gain meaningful business partnerships that are equally beneficial. Working with brands through affiliate marketing, one-time collaborations, repeat campaigns and long- term partnerships helps you to bring them sales and following, while also growing your following and business. But one part […]

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When you’re a brand or business looking to get your name out to a broader audience on social media, it’s hard to individually target customers and engage them one-on-one to generate sales. This is why many brands rely on influencers as intermediaries to help reach broader audiences that are already trusting of the influencer and […]

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With 2020 being the year of work-from-home, we’ve all seen how easy it is to get distractive and be unproductive during the work day. I know I have personally taken a hit when it comes to productivity because it’s easy to go all day without leaving the house, turning on the computer, or even getting […]

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