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Marketing in today's world is so hard - whether you're starting a business or an influencer looking to connect with your audience, building the right brand and marketing strategy is essential to creating a community. 

From websites to logos, social media and beyond, let me help you to build a strong foundation to bring your business to success. I'll help to build and execute a custom marketing strategy and brand for your business or platform. 



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In the midst of my twenties, I found myself stuck in a place where I wasn't moving my career forward. I couldn't figure out how to grow, because after several years, I have mastered my skill level. As a result, I began a blog and focused on growing my social media presence to hopefully drive a new passion for sharing knowledge with the world.

Several years later, I am now a marketing consultant, influencer, guest speaker, blogger, graphic designer and educator aiming to give others the knowledge I have to build their own marketing strategies and have a success brand in today's challenging world. 

My passion lies deep in entrepreneurship - having started my first "business" at a very young age selling hand-made jewelry and crafts - so I understand the passion and drive rooted in small businesses and influencers to help them formulate a strategy that works for them. I have dedicated my career to being a client advocate - I will always make decisions based on what's best for you and represent your best interest. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about a new wave of marketing and business change, especially to retailers both online and in-person. With the need to stay home but the demand for the same products, people have resorted to online to purchase nearly everything needed to fulfill their daily wants and needs, including curbside pick up […]

Four E-Commerce Trends After The Pandemic

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Free is always fun! As a creative designer myself, it’s hard to find anything for free because creatives work hard to develop items for others, but in today’s world, access to free items is so important to maximize revenue and minimize bottom line costs as a creative and entrepreneur. From management software to images, mock […]

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Customer Relationship Management is the ability to holistically manage your ongoing relationship with potential, existing and lost customers through a singular software. CRM software can be a game-changer for marketers and small businesses because it allows you to create, manage and execute the customer journey from first touchpoint easily and effectively. With a few tips […]

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As we come out of the COVID-19 pandemic with the rise in vaccinations and increased ability for individuals to visit retail shops, we’re still seeing the trend of online shopping due to convenience. If you happen to have an amazing product only sold on e-commerce platforms or wish to improve your success on e-commerce, I’m […]

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Calling all entrepreneurs – this one is for you! We all know the expenses that come along with running a business, but finding some great free resources are essential for growth, so I’m sharing a few of my favorite to help you be a better today. Wave Financial Management Financial management software is an absolute […]

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Marketing is a diverse and difficult area of business if you’re not well versed in it. What I’ve come to learn is that a lot of my clients can run a business, but they get completely lost in trying to market because it’s not an area they have a lot of knowledge in. With so […]

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